Well, well, well!
- For all those who whine about "how dare he say it" ...

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My book “How to not only COMBAT and WIN AGAINST – but PROFIT (big time) from the Nazi Feminist DISEASE plaguing modern day society” has caused a few raised eyebrows from idiots in general – but funnily enough, or maybe NOT if you know how women think – not ONE single complaint has come in from a woman regarding this book.

Maybe it’s because real women dislike the concept of Nazi feminism as much as real men dislike the concept of men wanting to be women, women wanting to be men and other unnatural garbage.

Dont get me wrong, as a fetish or in the bedroom- by all means, have at – but dont shove it down everyone’s throats, and it’s certainly not meant to be brought mainstream either.

What happens in the bedroom STAYS in the bedroom, period.

And as Janet Clare finishes an absolutely SUPERB job of converting this book over to audio format – I gotta say this – man – she really FEELS This topic!

Perhaps even more so than 10 Commandments of Successful Sales for which she did a superb job as well.

And, so much for those complaining about “he hates women”.

I actually love them more than the complainers do. Heh.

I just cannot stand no goose and gander, for instance, this afternoon a female beggar showed up next to me poking me in the shoulder literally asking for money.

I walked away, she was whining about “he’s upset at me”.


But thats not done.

And more to the point, if I had poked her in the shoulder, the entire “Mahila Mandal” or women’s rights cell or whatever its called would likely be up in arms by now, she does it, gets away scot free – goose and gander? And thats a mild fuckin example, by the way – THAT is what I’m against.

Here is what Janet in her own inimitable style has to say about the book –

“Are you a man being controlled by an overbearing Nazi Feminist? come and listen with us to this smash room for the human brain on how to reclaim your rights in this life to be a man.

Come and learn how to break the shackles of the Cuckold male you have become and feel the release of true freedom. Learn the difference between a Nazi Feminist and a true feminist.

Listen with us and become the man that nature intended you to be. If nothing else listening to this book will give you the same release as a heavy work out or visit to your neighborhood smash room with out the fees. “


BE the man that nature intended you to be – and the difference between Nazi feminists and REAL feminists – the latter I support, the former I despise and abhor and will never ever support.

True equality is one thing, “my way or the highway” and no responsibility but more rights to me? Fuck that!

Anyway …

Interesting a woman feels so strongly about the book, but I dont blame her, any sensible person would – you’ll hear the passion in her voice as she narrates!

I will have the audio books links out here soon – for now, get the books above.

And, another superlative review coming in for Gumption Galore soon. Stay tuned, damn, my fingers need another one of those “carol style” massages, glued to the machine as I am!


Rahul Mookerjee


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