My wife, the smartass that never did …
- An interesting one.

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Lots of people have this habit of replying with “smart alec” comments when you ask them a direct question.

Of course, when you do the same to them, they yell “how dare you”.

My wife this morning – I asked her the most basic of questions you could ask a stay at home housewife i.e. if I hang my blanket on the clothesline (which she apparently installed) – won’t it break?

“I dont know, I didnt hang on it!”

Not like she hangs on anything, not like anyone in my family has ever done a pushup, much less a hang on a bar …

Honey, obviously you didnt. I mean, I could think of several smart ass comments to come back with but the point is, she could have simply replied with “I dont know”, or “maybe” or offered an alternative or .. of course, asking someone like that to respond logically is … well, it ain’t gonna happen.

I’d rather just put it out in the garden, but that apparently doesnt work for the head Nazi feminist my mom. (dont ask).

So I have to ask, despite not wanting to talk to either one of them.

Of course, if I do, the two will bicker and it’ll all come back upon me and the “enabler” for all this will show up saying “it’s your fault Rahul”.

Now, my point isn’t to talk about dysfunctional families or Nazi feminism so much as it is THIS –

If you notice the personal life of these smart alecs running around the latest “guru” – reciting chants 10,000 times a day “I’m rich!!!!!!!!!” (and having the polar opposite happen) – the DISARRAY their OWN personal lives are in, complete disarray (both the women I’m talking about are, despite trying to be the big Dog at home completely DEPENDENT ON OTHERS!!) … you’d laugh.

Classic case of people trying to instruct others when they themselves haven’t ever done the thing.

Like a bald man teaching me how to grow hair, for instance.

One main reason I talk about Nazi feminism so much is it’s LINKED to achievement – or NOT.

Most Nazi feminists are anythin but achievers – at anything but being Nazi feminist.

And the reason is their mentality and vibes, it repels success like north repels north on a magnet.

One being the constant “looking for a reaction” (like in the case above). I didnt reply, which in the long term leaves her more frustrated – but if I did, of course, I’m playing right into her hands…

And she does this with my daughter too. Typical case of being a bully basically – which is what Nazi feminists are basically.

With the head Nazi fem, of course, the polar opposite …

These folks experience some temporary success – but like Dr Maltz said in Pyscho Cybernetics, that rubber band snaps back to the initial position “where they know they belong” (i.e. their SELF IMAGE deep down inside).

No amount of Guru worship, beads, chains, amulets will change a damn thing about your results in life my friend if you dont change your SELF image first. No, most affirmations like the Gurus teach them wont here.

Anyway – point of this, again is to tell you – that with all the great feedback and compliments (much warranted) coming in for so many products?

Well, we’re overwhelmed.


Perhaps most of all to you, Madam Janet – you narrated “How to not only COMBAT but BENEFIT and PROFT from Nazi feminists at the very highest level possible” better than I could!

Just goes to show the people whining about “woman hating” … when WOMEN cannot stop praising this book that should tell you something – or a lot. (if you’re paying attention).

And through her recitation (narration, but she said it so naturally, she’s literally FEELING IT as she speaks!!), she’s proved another key point I keep making about Nazi feminists.


You’ll have to read the book for more on that – most will miss it.

But point is this – Zero to Hero! – and Gumption Galore! now come up with a MOTIVATIONAL videos section too.

This is optional, of course, you dont “have to buy” it.

But if you want real life advice related to success, the books – that comes from being in the trenches that ultimately after a lot of as Dr Maltz says in his book “zigging and zagging” leads you to your final GOAL – and better than you ever thought you could get there – then these videos will surely help my friend.

And its a FOUR set “package” – with each set containing a minimum of three videos.

So thats 12 plus videos.

We give you REAL world advice that isn’t pretty to listen to at times, but its what works, and has down the ages.

If you aren’t in long term, dont even bother getting these video – ditto if you’re a “guru worshipper” and a believer in “the planets determine our destiny” – or “numbers decide luck” or other crap like that. Please dont get the videos or even the products if you’re into that sort of jazz as they wont be useful for you, and I wouldn’t want to sell it to you anyway in that case.

EACH folder after you unzip comes with instructions on how (which order) to view the videos, you must follow these for max impact and benefit.

And remember, repetition is key.

BURN these words and maxims into your mind – the subconscious – literally – and you cannot go wrong, my friend.

Get the books now  if you’re truly interested in succeeding at the highest levels.

And, be on the outlook for more great reviews coming up!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If you’re interested in coaching (one of those videos was STRAIGHT from a coaching session)- then go HERE to apply.

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