Quality Fitness Writing with Excellent LIFE LESSONS AS WELL!

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Hoo, BOY!

Heres a great review for Gorilla Grip (TIPS!)  from Daniel Pagone, who enjoyed the book so much it shows when he himself says “HOO BOY!!!!!!!!!!!” …

(not to mention his Spanish, hehe. Ex Army Engineer “in the trenches” as it were! – I know the sort – well traveled, reminds me of my buddy Dwayne, perhaps even an older version of myself).

Here is what he had to say –

Hello again Rahul,

My friend I hope you and yours are well.

As someone who spent 34 months, in country, in Afghanistan I can tell you from personal experience, carrying a 20-30 kg rucksack up those mountains is a whole lot of not easy.

Here is my review. Quality fitness writing with excellent life lessons as well I definitely enjoyed the writing style in Gorilla GRIP (now an entire series) as it definitely was not another boring fitness how-to book. This is a focused work with real world examples and humor, to add to the reading experience.

What surprised me the most was the excellent life advice that I wasn’t expecting but is evident and that is why for this type of work, I rated it 5 stars. Just a great read! It should be on the site now and I was absolutely happy to rate it 5 stars.

Muchas gracias mi amigo!


Yours truly –

Hi Daniel,

Thanks so much for the great review my friend – and yes your Spanish is definitely better than MINE! I need LOTS of practice – hehe. Yes, definitely a series this one – and life lessons – well, real world fitness teaches you so much about life in that lots of the same attributes required to succeed long term in LIFE i.e. perseverance, gumption, stickability – learning from “being in the trenches” (nothing quite prepares you for the real thing eh – which you know very well! Haha – theory’s all good, but PRACTICAL LIFE is another thing) and so forth … not to mention SHOWING up daily without fail!! and so much more

… <chopped>

And that, my friend is that.

Get this book NOW if you have not already. Real fitness lovers will LOVE IT!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember, Zero to Hero! and Gumption Galore! be flying OFF the shelves as we speak – someone has ALREADY bought the videos (it’s been like an hour since I uploaded!). My, my, my. Get these products NOW if you’re looking to change your life beyond any and all belief for the BETTER!


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