Why I gave my “frame” for the degree away.
- Hehe

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My parents, I still remember the hue and cry they made over a graduation ceremony back in .. 2001, was it?

And my ex too.

Guess who showed up for it though – it wasn’t the former.

But the hue and cry they made over something – the formal graduation ceremony – funny thing, you didnt even know if you graduated until the Monday after – because final grades were announced LATER – after the graduation ceremony! (and the semester before I knew I failed something, so I did not even attend it) surprised me.

Like Juan, an older friend of mine from Spain said.

“This is essentially worthless!”

Which it is, but I can understand the sentiments attached to it, but – on the other hand – if you make such a hue and cry over it – at least attend the damned ceremony without making excuses about it!

Years later, as I “get the frame back” from Mom – they even framed the degree when I showed up to “show off to everyone” (despite not ever visiting me ONCE when I was in the US) – my wife pipes in.

Give that to me, she goes. “I want to put .. ”

Some nonsense about something to do with God.

And from a woman who routinely tutors people in a typical Nazi feminist manner about life advice that hasnt helped her own cause one damn bit – she recently answered another question with “go with the flow!” (which in her case is go with what my parents tell her to do – haha – the way these losers self project is amazing!).

I could have blown my top, I didnt.

Instead, I gave her the frame.

Take it, hehe.

In my study, I dont want degrees framed all over the place.

What I DO want to keep, and will keep is what was handed to me through my daughter – my student ID card.

The memories – including Jyoti, a girl who I wrote an entire book series on – taking my ID card to the football game, “because they dont even look at our faces, just the name”.

And she was right. Madam got free entry there… Hehe (she didnt live on campus, so her ID would not work).

And I never went to football anyway, though I DID get pissed after she showed up later, I had to miss dinner at the cafeteria – fried chicken at that!

she wanted to then give me home cooked Indian food – which I declined, irritably.

Mc Donalds will do!


Memories, including my friend Ricky using my card to eat on campus – though at his house, back when we were friend, I often ate there too – that was OK! (the meals I never ate – might as well not let them go to waste).

Degrees, formal education, all great.

But the REAL deal is what I keep writing about, what all the reviewers of my products, those that use them and benefit from them – talk about?




Nothing replaces that hard knock learning.

Claude Bristol and Napoleon Hill – and Henry Ford have a place in my “den”.

Jeff Bezos too.

No-one and nothing else though …

And thats how it is, my friend.

For more real world inspiration that just flat out works – and ADVICE that works other than nonsensical tripe from fools who’ve never done the thing parroting lines they dont even understand (youtube school, hehe – and trying to control their bad moods and negative vibes all the time) …

Zero to HERO! – and Gumption Galore! Are the TICKETS.

Get ’em NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

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