I’ve pushed too hard, my friend.

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Over the past couple of weeks or so, it’s been so hectic I’ve literally had no time to breathe (not to mention a lot of nonsense going on at the old homestead – if I can call it that – I prefer not to).

And all of this came to a head the other day when although  I woke up fine, although I put myself through my workout, although we took care of all other biz – I realized I was so exhausted I’m going to have to stop for a while or I’ll COLLAPSE – literally.

This is one reason I’ve stopped replying to certain trollish emails I get – or emails asking  me the obvious (how do I buy – geez, now thats obvious isnt it?) – or whiny comments on social media claiming his site was down or some nonsense.

Yes, the massive surges in traffic we got did cause things to temporarily go down – temporarily being key.

WHINING doesnt resolve anything.

Write in to me, then if you dont get a reply whine by all means, but whining without even contacting support is a sure shod way to get labeled an idiot and all future whines going directly to spam.

A lady doing a book on the other site contacted me whining yesterday about how she had a cold, how I had unrealistic expectations for expecting her to get back to me, yada, nada, schnada, and the sure shod sign of an idiot “it’s my WEEKEND!!!!!!!”

Guess what, lady – unless we’re working for large companies, all of us, doers included “work when we have to”. As my friend Michael said in 2002, those of us “lucky” to be getting a paycheck work during the week, the rest of us work when we have to, I’d rather be in and work with people in the latter category to be frank.

And all I wanted from her was COMMUNICATION.

I dont care if you take a few extra day to finish the work I’ve assigned, but going AWOL, missing deadlines without a care in the world – all of that shows you dont really care about your work, and I’d rather not work with folks like that either (I mean, is sending a one line email update so hard – I dont think so!).

Anyway – this isn’t an excuse to be lazy for ya’ll reading this.

But when you’ve been literally burning the candle at what seems like 15 different ends, you need a break …

Which means, no new videos – for now.

It means – a few less emails from me – for now.

It means – everything is normal – except I’m RECHARGING, something every achiever and goal setter no matter how intense you are / go will reach a point where you’ll feel it in your bones.

And there’s nothing wrong with that, my friend.

LETTING go is key to achieving goals, and you can either consciously let go – or when you’re too exhausted to do much else – your mind will AUTOMATICALLY let go, and provided you’re doing everything else right, that is usually when the magic starts to happen as well.

Doers will know what I mean!

Thats that for now.

If you’re looking for real world practical (as opposed to amulets, Baba, colors, planets, numbers and other hocus pocus that doesnt work) ADVICE that people have actually USED – including yours truly – and improved their lives – advice that coaches give their OWN students – well,the following two books are a must have for your bookshelf.

Zero to HERO! 

Gumption Galore. 

And thats that my friend, remember, the 0 Excuses Fitness System should always be your first purchase here, like the recent review on Gorilla Grip (TIPS!) say – fitness can teach you SO much about life when done right.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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