All you wanted to know about planks!
- in BRIEF, of course!

I said yesterday no more videos for a while, boy how that changes “in the flow”!

Anyway, I’ve often spoken about the plank – and how I do not prefer to hold it in the traditional sense on your elbows, how holding it in the top portion of the pushup is a far better workout, etc etc.

And today, I’ll cover all of that – but show you MY PREFERRED way of holding the plank – which involves doing what a TIGER does when crouching.


The tigerbend plank, my friend – will FRY your triceps, shoulders, chest if done right – and that, along with planks is today’s video.



Plenty more where this comes from in Animal Kingdom Workouts to, any serious fitness trainee SIMPLY must – I repeat, MUST – have this sitting on their fitness bookshelves.


Rahul Mookerjee

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