“I wish I had been following your work outs. It would have help with the snow shoveling lol”
- Yes SIR!

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A Fast and Furious Fitness reader Jeff Heisler (from CA) wrote back with the following –

We got hit by a blizzard of snow. I wish I had been following your work outs. It would have help with the snow shoveling lol


That it would have – except shoveling snow, of course is a great, great workout by itself “lung buster” style – as I’m sure he found out!

Right up there with moving heavy boxes and stuff while moving …(up and down flights of stairs) …

Anyway, here is what he had to say about the book -a  5 star review, deservedly so, he enjoyed the read – indeed he did!

A no nonsense approach to fitness

I was interested by the concept of using a classic fitness routine. Coming out of covid, I’m still shy about going to a gym. This is the perfect answer, even better than a gym membership. The exercises in this book can be done by any age, at any level, literally anywhere!

A top notch read!

ANd he’s right!

The “no nonsense” approach is one I take in all my courses, but perhaps none more so than in this one, my very first book on fitness – and it’s been echoed by others too.

Here is another review (from John Walker in the UK, who I heard back from today after quite a long time!) –

A “spartan, NO NONSENSE book that will build the best YOU”


This book is the perfect manual on how to get into serious condition with the absolute minimum of equipment, all that you require is something to hang from to perform Pull-Ups and a couple of bars, boxes or chairs to perform Dips and you’re all set. If you’re looking for a minimalist approach to getting strong and supple you cannot do better than this book. Get the book, put it to use and it will turn you into a Leopard, why a Leopard? Because a Leopard is the perfect balance between suppleness and strength. The book delivers on many fronts but it is it’s no nonsense “spartan attitude” that makes it stand out from the crowd, I believe that this book will transform anyone with the smarts to put the information in it to good use. If you want to be a beast you have to train like an animal, this book is all you really need to transform yourself into the absolute best version of you, you can possibly be. Your new strong and supple body awaits, the only thing you have to do is buy the book, apply the information therein and you’ll never look back. I highly recommend this book, outstanding, bravo Rahul bravo. John Walker.

And it is that  – spartan, no frills, no nonsense, much like all of our other books, we do what everyone else does NOT do.

We cut past the marketing, BS and frills and fancies in the books.

The books are anything but “barebones” though – they’re JAMPACKED with information – every single page is worth its page in gold my friend, now if you’re looking for frills, fancies, niceties, fluff and other crap – then sorry, you’ll be disappointed.

You’ll get down to earth exhaustive training information that just flat out works – for everyone – and will work for YOU too.

And perhaps NO other book typifies this approach better than Fast and Furious Fitness – if you don’t have it, you’re truly MISSING OUT my friend.


Get on the train NOW. This book is top notch for anyone looking to get in super shape, you simply must grab it NOW if you’re serious about your health and fitness.


Rahul Mookerjee


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