Straightforward – HONEST – and MOTIVATING!
- Certainly describes me to a T !!

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We’ve been getting some GREAT feedback as of late – well, thats been happening for the past few months, always does – but its gone up to a new level now.

And, here is what Parrish Patten from the good ole US of A had to say about Gorilla Grip (Advanced!) (you on this might remember he really enjoyed the read!)

I love positive, motivational content that helps people to achieve their goals and their true potential.

You are an excellent author, sir and you’ve certainly motivated me!
I am sure that your book will motivate, many, many others to get healthier, stronger and achieve that Gorilla Grip
they didn’t know they wanted or needed! X0D

Speaking of which, to encourage that further, I left my review on the book. It was genuine and definitely from the heart. Lemme know what you think. ;0)

Now, as of now, the reviews hasn’t shown up on Amazon – but it will shortly – and here too.

Here is the review he left a while later – I urged him to be honest again, and “from the heart” …


Thank you again for your kind words, Rahul. You certainly made it very easy for me to follow in your footsteps to inspire your audience. 

Ah yes, the infamous review post, waiting game. I am all too familiar. It’s been a while since I’ve left a review on anything. Hopefully it won’t take too long. In the meantime, here is a preview of what I shared. I hope that you approve:

Subject: Motivation is the Key Body: “We all know we need to exercise in order to improve our health and strength. There are a myriad of ways to do this with an equal amount of coaches to help us achieve our goal. It can be confusing for on which one to choose.

For me, I chose this book because it resonated with my spirit and motivates me to take action. I mean, who doesn’t want an iron grip they can be proud of? I can hear the author’s voice in my head, cheering me on and telling me, job well done!

This is also an easy read. It’s very straightforward and he’s honest about the challenges, but makes it clear that they are worth it for the rewards that you’ll gain.

This is one of the BEST exercise programs that I’ve ever read!

And then, I discovered the audiobook! HEARING the author’s thoughts took it to an entirely new level! Now, nothing can stop me from getting the Gorilla grip that I know I can with his help! So, if you happen see me and I shake your hand, don’t be upset if I accidentally squeeze it too hard. Sorry. I won’t know my own strength. The only thing I can say is to just get the book and practice the exercises so that it doesn’t happen to you! Haha!!”

… WOW!

Hey Parrish –

Thanks for that great, and heartfelt review – that is truly humbling, and that as I said in a prior commnication is what it’s all about – motivating, uplifting, and INSPIRING – emphasis on the last, I’m SO glad I was able to do that for you, and countless others globally over the years – and more to come!

I still remember the “limp” face Alan Murray , a former employer once made when I gave him what was a NORMAL handshake for me – he acted like I pulverized his hand, which I kinda did (unfortunately, hehe) = hence the review he left on Gorilla Grip! (and other books he’s gotten from me).

Yes, my friend – ALL I do is in the flow, and from the heart which is why is resonates so strongly with folks like YOU – DOERS!

And that, my friend – is all there is to say on this one

GET our grip series and the tips NOW – if you dont you’re TRULY MISSING OUT!


Rahul Mookerjee

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