The cumulative effect of heavy, hard training …

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Or more on it, I should say, as I’ve written tomes about this in the past.

I was thinking about my pushup workouts out there in park in the winter, which I do indoors now – its way too hot to be doing them out there in the afternoon now, and in the morning theres too much dew for my liking.

So, indoors it is, and with all the moving etc going on – it’s been BUSY around here – not to mention other things we constantly work upon – so busy that vidoes etc have taken a hiatus for now (not to worry, we’ll be back on that soon).

Now that aside, emails etc have slowed down a bit too … as I myself had to take a bit of a break, but as I was chatting about all this to my wife the other day, how she tires out so easily while moving (granted she isn’t used to it, I am – my whole life – like a certain Percie, though even I ain’t used to moving the amount of junk there is in THIS house, hehe) … how she says “bodies give up after a while” – and how I respond they dont give up, its about training …

And getting better with age, regardless of childbirth or not (but I dont push it. Hehe).

Its about heavy duty training.

And the CUMULATIVE effects of it, much like money saved up in a bank account, it doesn’t just fly away.

Over the past few days my 150 squat/150 pushup workouts are something that for me I’d describe as being purely maintenance but even with everything going on, I find some time to drop down and do ’em.

If I didnt I’d go insane.

And oddly enough with all the packing etc – I have MORE energy after the workout to “keep going”.

Thats how heavy duty training done right for years affects you!

Anyway, we’ve been getting MORE great feedback on our books – the best is yet to come – including from a long distance marathon runner currently reading Squat 101

It’ll be MOST interesting to hear his feedback, as well as from Melani Brown – who sent me this –

(for Shoulders like BOULDERS!)

Hello! Now you got me curious as to what exercise you recommend! I’ll admit that I’m a weight rat, but I also do 45 (real) pushups every morning.

I told her “which exercise”.

Then she responded with this –

..  look forward to reading the book and will absolutely leave a review. I’ll have no excuse for upping my pushup game..haha.

And thats another true DOER!

Truly, the feedback I’ve been getting from WOMEN as of late – is really humbling, inspiring, and keeps me going – a lot of women do more than what a lot of fat pot bellied men do in terms of pushups and pull-ups – and OLDER women at that.

Women, I’ve noticed, are FAR more honest about their weight issues than men – of course, guys, I wouldn’t recommend pointing it out that directly!

With men, a lot of men give you the usual BS of “we’re big but not fat”, different body type, “pull-ups aren’t required” and other utter junk that not just the Bodyweight Exercise Guru Rahul Mookerjee has and continues to debunk daily – with PROOF – but others have as well.

It’s amazing the excuses folks come up with to avoid HARD questions, direct FACTS, and to avoid doing the thang.

Oh well.

0 Excuses Fitness my friend doesn’t cater to that bunch, never has, never will.

and that, my friend is that.

BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The marathon runner asked me about why my books were a tad more expensive than others in the same genre, I told him – a very detailed response which I don’t think I need to share here yet again – I’ve explained it SO many times already.

Here is his response (David Quiros) –

Hi Rahul, thank you for taking the time for the detailed reply yesterday and the rationale about your marketing approach. Totally agree that people spend (waste) a lot of money on other things so your book is just a small investment, and worth its weight in gold!

And there we go, my friend.

Hi David,

Thanks for your response as well, exactly right, I urge folks to look at my products as both current and long term investments which ALWAYS bear fruit – given the cost of medical treatment, chiropractors, and the host of other ailments folks get “treated” – I mean, far better to invest once rather than carry around a medicine cabinet with you the rest of your life both literally and figuratively speakng – not to mention all else I said i.e. gym memberships lying unused, useless waste of money and so forth – and of course, the “four quarters” vs “pennies” analogy – we’re on the same page!

I look forward to your review, and ..<chopped>

Where is your excuse for NOT getting these products – NOW – and starting to improve your life – TODAY?



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