Great exercises inspired by the best kiddie ever!
- My kid! Hehe.

In comes a great review of Kiddie Fitness from Prajakta Telele, mom of two, currently in FL (originally from India) …

(Author’s note – I am EXHAUSTED after the madhouse here – this place I’m at truly puts the N in nightmare, and with the move etc, man! Been hellatious, so much to catch upon and its been only two days. Let me keep this brief!)


(and a 5 star rating – YES!)

If you are like me and prefer to workout at home without equipment, this book is for you. The exercises mentioned here are not too complicated and hence suitable for kids and are good enough for us grownups too. The author has divided the exercises into different sections, like stretching, animal movements and cardio. My little one has a lot of fun doing the animal moves and the older one who is obsessed with increasing her flexibility finds the stretching exercises helpful. I love that there are 10 sample workouts mentioned in the book, so that’s 2 weeks’ worth of workouts right there. And of course we have an option of mixing and matching the exercises as per our needs or liking! I would definitely recommend this book.

More “beat over thy own head” fodder for the Bozos who whine about book prices, not enough details in the book and everything else under the sun that trolls, losers and price wankers whine about, if a mom of two OK’s this book – then you know its a good one!

And, the best gift you can give your little one – the gift of ever and long lasting health, strength and FITNESS.

enjoy – back soon.


Rahul Mookerjeee