The ONE exercise you’re truly a Master, Mistress at … (or both, hehe) – as far as POSSIBLE.
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Years ago, I read the great Brooks Kubik’s Dinosaur Bodyweight Training – a book which I really enjoyed, and which has remained with me ever since.  (like my conversations with Brooks since 2003).

In it, one of the gems goes as thus “true Mastery of an exercise can be defined in this manner – if you can do an exercise for superlatively high reps that very few, or any people can – or perform it in a manner few, if any others can – or do them super slow like very few can – and so forth”.

I’m paraphrasing, but you get my drift.

The great Bruce Lee in my opinion – if you take him, and the ONE exercise he truly “mastered” – or came close to – the fingertip pushup.

I’ve seen NO-ONE do them like he does!

Truly takes it to another level like my book 0 Excuses Fitness does, which takes bodyweight training to a hitherto UNHEARD of level – as my loyal fans, customers, and even the multitude of haters (deep down inside) KNOW for a FACT.

Now, in that book I take what Brooks said, and much  like my own bodyweight workouts, I take it to another level by saying, and this is TRUE – spot on – that you’re never really a master at anything, and someone like a Bruce Lee would be the first to tell you that too.

You keep learning, its that simple.

Ask any true Guru, they’ll tell you that too.

But you can come damn CLOSE to mastery – and for me, that one exercise?

It isn’t pull-ups, it isn’t a pure grip exercise , it isn’t fingertip pushups …

Let me give you TWO.

OR, both that vie for the same spot.

One, the finesse, speed and agility – and STRENGTH – and repetition – with which I do monkey bar work. 

I’ve seen no-one do them like that – and my results in that regard show, plain and simple.

Second, the “arms out” pushup, or the Jack La Lanne or floor humper, hehe – pushup.

I’ve seen NO-ONE except perhaps the great La Lanne do ’em like I do.

If La Lanne was here, he’d tell you the same thing too.

And that isn’t me tom tomming – its me stating a fact.

The benefits for me – well, I’ve spoken about them, you can see ’em, but for now, question to YOU my friend.

What about YOU?

What is that one exercise, that one workout you’ve gotten to a level very few people can match even if they tried their damndest?

Well, I take that back – very few people can BETTER is what I should say.

If you truly try, anything is possible for anyone!

And on that note, I’ll end.

Write back – let me know – and if the answer is none, you’re either not training hard enough, or haven’t for long enough seriously, its that simple.


Rahul Mookerjee

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