The Sheer Power of Jump Rope!
- Starting the day well!

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Much like I Often jump rope to start the day, I thought I’d start the day today by emailing you a brief, crisp 5 star review for the VERY BEST course out there on jumping rope (another one the trolls love to troll, like Pushup Central – hehe) … much like the exercise itself, crisp, brief, power packed …

From Anthony Izzi in the US ..

The Sheer Power of Jump Rope!

From beginner to hardcore, this book shows you the ropes (not sorry) in building muscle, stamina, and confidence; all with a single jump rope.

And thats so true!

Muscle and stamina are one thing – we all know about that.

But the confidence part, my friend, much like when you can do 500 squats without stopping – in one set, at one go -you’ll be able to achieve ANY goal you set for yourself – focus like a laser – once you get good, damn good at jumping ROPE!

Anthony was so enthused by the exercises that he didnt even wait to FINISH reading the book – and digesting the contents fully (which  like all my books cannot be done in a day or two) –  before starting the workouts – he did them right there, during the weekend as he was reading. Thats my man!


There’s another great review on the way, by the way for 0 Excuses Fitness which goes naturally with it – stay tuned for that one!

A bit of a “spoiler” if I may –

After reading the book you’ve actually motivated me to get on the ball and use some of the info!

So true, Floyd – people that buy the book, and then it gathers dust on their shelves – no point to that! Anyway, wait for the full review, you’ll love it! (like with all my books).

In the meantime, here’s Prajataka Telele (originally from India, now in FL) with her review of Dish Delicious

Yummy Recipes!!

This is a short recipe book filled with delicious and simple recipes. Bonus that they are healthy. We do not need any kind of fancy ingredients, by which I mean ingredients that you need to buy for just a recipe or two. These recipes are made with all the regular ingredients we generally have in our homes. I love the cabbage salad and my husband is a fan of goat biryani! The dips are super easy to prepare as well. Love it!

And she’s so spot on – this, like a lot of my “shoulders” – in fact all, actually – courses is a SHORT and POWER PACKED Recipe book with plenty of good stuff – you’ll want to check it out NOW if you’re a foodie of any nature.

People have been clamoring for Volume Two on it.

All in good time, my friend, all in good time, for now, thats it while I’m off to review audio books – so many of them are out already – do check ’em out NOW!

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – For those that have asked, I finally took the plunge – long overdue, and bought a new dumbphone, replete with all forms of 5G, hence the somewhat better video quality etc on “live” streams. We’ll see how it goes, the 5G signal is spotty at best, but we’ll see!

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