The “I” (key) word that binds all my books together.
- Many things do.

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I just remembered one thing after submitting this email – the “key” word. Hehe.

Back in 2000, I believe, or 1999, I was 20 years old, and itching to drive the cars I rented so often as opposed to the girlfriend doing it for me.

Unfortunately, we did things safe, and the clause in the insurance policies we always purchased along with the rental meant that I had to be 21 to drive.

The “key age”, a jackass at Enterprise once “smartly” – and snarkily commented as he informed me about this.


Well, keys, or not … (we ended up in the Florida Keys in 2000, damn near, but thats another tale!) …

Lots of things bind my writing, my books together. Faith, my “energy” (as a reader recently wrote back, other books just dont have that sort of “crackle” to them as my writing does – which I get what she meant, not everyone can do it in the flow – or should I say, not everyone “knows” how to do it in the flow, amazingly easy once you know how to do it) … my beliefs, the life lessons I impart even while writing fitness tips (See what Daniel Pagone said about Gorilla Grip (TIPS!)– and more.

But the “I” word is one of them.

Bozo Schofield once infamously attempted to troll me on Amazon saying “the books are all about him”.

Well yes, you nitwit (as my daughter would say, heh) – they do mention me.

And they mention my stories, and those stories and my teachings together get you in the best shape of your life (which of course for someone that has never walked a decent step in his life (bozo) you wouldn’t know). I’m yet to meet a teacher of any nature who doesn’t use personal experience and it’s learnings , the best form of learning ever to TEACH?

But it isn’t me I’m talking about here. Thats obvious.

I’m talking about another I word.


And thats another X factor that sets us apart from the mundane, as a reader Kevin Liberty wrote in about Battletank Shoulders “pininterest recipe” fitness books out there.

Interestingly, he says Rahul doesn’t make it all about himself – and hes right!

Anyway – inspiration, my friend.

I’ve been told countless times I inspire thousands globally (a line lots of trolls have copied, hehe – only for it to sound and fall flat – without the ring of truth behind it, all falls FLAT) …

And here’s what Kevin Howard a recent reader for “Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD to SUPER STUD – within WEEKS!” had to say about the book.

..Also, I would need a link to the book to leave a review. I actually started working on my pull-ups on some good thick bars at a park near me. Lots of useful information in the book.

So the review is yet to come, but he’s started doing the best form of pull-ups there are already – THICK BAR work!

And for someone thats never done them before, well …

It is common through all my books.

People have said they’ll read’em just for the inspiration and writing style, even if they had no value fitness wise (which they do in spades), they’d still buy ’em.

Actual customer comments those, here’s another from Floyd Simmons on 0 Excuses Fitness. 

 The motivation I gained from this book was great

I would be happy to provide you with a 5-star book review for “Zero Excuses Fitness” audio book.

“Zero Excuses Fitness” is an incredible fitness audio book that truly exceeded my expectations. The author’s no-nonsense approach to fitness and healthy living is refreshing, motivating and inspiring. The author clearly understands the obstacles that individuals face when attempting to get in shape, and offers practical solutions to overcome them.

The audio book is filled with actionable tips and strategies that are easy to implement, even for beginners. The author’s expertise in fitness and health is evident in every chapter, as they provide a wealth of information on everything from, exercise and lifestyle changes. I particularly appreciated the focus on creating healthy habits that are sustainable for the long-term.

The audio book is well-narrated and engaging, making it easy to stay focused and motivated throughout. I found myself eagerly listening to every chapter, and even taking notes to ensure I didn’t miss any important information.

Overall, “Zero Excuses Fitness” is a must-read (or rather, must-listen) for anyone looking to improve their fitness and overall health. I highly recommend this audio book to anyone looking for practical advice, motivation and inspiration on their fitness journey. It truly deserves a 5-star rating!

And it continueth.

My friend, if you’re sitting there reading these emails daily, and yet haven’t (some of you for years) felt compelled to pull out that wallet and BUY, then you either ain’t got a pulse, or are not in the least bit interested in any sort of improvement either in your life or fitness – or both.

These products are a MUST have for everyone, my friend, regardless of the above preference.

And the smart amongst you will get ’em NOW if you haven’t already!

Alright, thats that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Profit Troll is well in the works, and we’ll be making some good progress on this hopefully this month. Bozo Glyn in the meantime has been “stooping” – pun very much intended – by hungrily grabbing up all my latest pictures on my page etc, and posting them on idiotic profiles which are instantly reported as “fake” – and then the people get back to me, and I educate them on the Bozo. Ah, these holes these clowns dig for themselves is hilarious. Lots of people respond with “I’m SO sorry he tried to ruin your entire life!”

Well, I TRULY do appreciate the sentiments, and these vile sorts deserve the death penalty – period (really, Glyn, there’s no excuse for your well proven and continued paedophilia). It’s one thing to troll, it’s one thing to be nasty, but as most of the nutty trolls I’ve encountered do, keep it on the field, what happens on the field stays on the field – you dont bring innocent kids into it, thats just VILE.

As Chuck once told me, you’ll have him hanging from a tree someday. I might well! He deserves every bit of it, and hes got several very angry people gunning for him right now as we speak …

Until then, I’ll profit handsomely off him. Hehe.

(and of course, happens to every successful business person, yet another hall mark of the leaps and bounds we make daily. Always “day one” around here tho!)

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