Supplements – yay – or NAY?
- I dont take 'em. But ...

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Yours truly has that “X” shape to his body – thanks to the fitness routines my friend from … well, all over the world, I’d say – teaches.

Truly, its not the huge muscles look that men and women REALLY want – though a lot “say” they want that.

What folks really want is the slim, sexy build – with muscles all over, and minimal fat – a slim midsection without it being weak – strong back muscles and arms – and powerful legs – basically, that coveted X taper to the body everyone wants.

And last night, I was discussing business, current and future, with some guys that got in touch with me on Instagram …

We were talking about supplements -something I’ve never really promoted.

But, these guys sell some good stuff, genuine reviews that feel genuine (like we get) – not the copy and paste spam nonsense that passes for reviews everywhere else!

But it’s funny, while discussing it, one thought was uppermost in my mind – or two.

One, what I’ve always taught fitness wise – that you dont need supplements or fancy diets of any nature to get the body of your dreams – just look at prisoners in jail for an example.

Nothing beats HARD work – good old fashioned hard work, my friend, and doing the thing day in and day out, and PERSISTENCE.

Yet, sometimes, extra supplements can HELP – though they’re not required – and maybe what these guys have is the real deal (I think it is).

And so this is a shout out to YOU on the list – LOTS of you want protein shakes, supplements, pre workout “potions” (sorry, I know I’m not using the right terms – hehe) – and since we MIGHT be selling some quality stuff in that regard here – shout out in advance to everyone!

I’m not going to let the cat out of the bag just as yet on this one in terms of WHO we’ll be partnering with – at least not now- but for you guys, if you’re interested, WRITE back – shoot me an email, because these will be sold here on this shortly, and we’ll be accepting pre-orders etc for it as well soon.

No, I’m not going to promise you magic results etc from these – like I’ve always said, magic results take a while to come, and they require hard work, focus, discipline (day in and day out). Supplements, fasting, green tea, all of these things HELP – but they dont replace the above – nothing can, nothing will ,nothing does. And you better be careful you’re taking GOOD supplements and not the crap a lot of folks sell – thats something else to consider.

I’m not going to promise you crazy stuff either – fitness these days seems to have been reduced to a bunch of idiotic videos such as one I saw (Chrome keeps pestering me about it “his teeth grip is insane!!!”) of some dude deadlifting with his teeth (wtf – I mean it’s great if you can do that – there was this old timer who reportedly pulled a plane by his hair, the Mighty Atom I believe, but how many of us really need to do that?? LOL) – or “no arm pushups” – how the F do you do pushups without arms, but apparently one can! Hilarious … but “views” seems to be what it’s been reduced to which is sad, and it shows in folks fitness levels out there.

(and most of this teeth grip thing – it boils down to NECK strength more than anything else, something you can build wrestler style with the bridging – yes, BOTH front and back, NOT just back as some gurus like to advocate – dont get me wrong, back is an area weak for many people, but FRONT bridges and frontal stretching is often ignored because it doesn’t look as fancy as the back bridges do – big mistake, I’ve always said that – HAMSTRINGS are of vital importance to train!! – taught in 0 Excuses Fitness. It’s neck and upper traps that really allows you to “lift with your teeth” animal style if you’re so inclined)…

Yet, we’re coming full circle as we always do, despite the electronics and all that, demand for good ole fashioned paperbacks and hardcovers has not gone away, and is returning with a vengeance too – for those smart enough to FORSEE and foretell it (yes, I know, but it’s true!).

And thats that.

Happy Easter – write back (in terms of what precise supplements etc you’d like to see us sell or anything related) – and we’ll go from there!


Rahul Mookerjee

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