The POWER of fingertip pushups – much ignored, but NIGH ESSENTIAL!
- And they are!

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With all the hoo haa about building grip, thick grips, pull-ups and so forth, clubs, dont get me wrong, all the above options are must haves, and you MUST use ’em all – and get good at them – ONE basic has been forgotten, even by many fitness enthusiasts who get it, that being fingertip pushups.

Man, there is a reason martial artists and wrestlers do these ALL The time.

They build the grip in the opposite direction from what grip work on thick bars, pull-ups etc, do, but dont get me wrong – if you just do the latter, you’ll build a ferocious grip – no doubt – but dont get me wrong again, ignore the former, and you’ll never, I repeat never build your grip to the fullest extent possible.

It reminds me, another one of those so many memories I’ve been having today, hehe – in the flow, of Tim, my friend in college banging out code while I sat next to him drinking beer (he was using a BONG if you get my drift .LOL!) – and we were talking grip.

This builds it too, said Tim, banging out keys on the keyboard (no laptops back then).

So was Ricky in teh computer lab, so hard he almost broke the damn keyboard, yet, neither one of these guys obviously had the corrugated IRON grip they loved, and so did I, and me, skinny, unfit at that age?

Well, this dude – “big guy” as we called him – Tim’s roomate “all he does is smoke weed and workout”, Tim would say, was in great shape, and I’d often think about what if I had to fight him one day. Hehe.

But he was friendly as hell, and I remember trying to crush his grip once, and couldn’t and him laughing about it.

He used wrist rollers a lot, yet, thinking back to that time, I wonder if he’d laugh at my grip NOW. Hehe.

Anyway ……………………

This afternoon, I was putting door jambs under everyone’s door, the new roach infested place we’ve managed to move into (dont ask me, in China, I never move in anywhere unless they spray the place first, but here I gotta deal with others too if you get my drift – ugh) means all sorts of bugs keep crawling under bedroom doors, the daughter hates it, so do I.

And to get those suckers under neath the doors, the kind you SLIDE in – with stops on either side of the door, man, thats a chore especially with tight doors with very little space between door and floor!

The veins on my forearms were literally popping like I was working out, and the motion?

Both there, and when I admister self massages to myself, or open hard to open cans and so forth?

It MIMICS the motion of fingertip pushups!

The wife claimed she was getting dizzy doing it when I finally asked her to help – job almost done unti then.

But its a sage reminder of why this exercise is SO highly recommended and rated by the old timers, my friend.

I used to do them on grass.

Or carpets.

These days, I do them on hard cement, true martial arts style, I still remember charles Mitchell, a customer of “yore” and maybe future too commenting upon how these were much harder than the knuckle pushups his karate instructor made them do.


Knuckle pushups are EASY PEASY lemon squeezy compared to these, and you can take these all the way by doing toughies like archer pushups on your fingertips – or handstands – just be careful you dont incur nasty injuries like I once did if you do ’em when you’re not ready for ’em!


Got delayed due to that, then rushed off to pick up the daughter from school, school bus apparently has no time when it comes, so you’re at their whims, if you dont show up despite THEM being early or late they call the house raising bedlam … so, after speaking to a couple of people (idiots who claimed they want business NOW – I’m like dude, I just took your number for the future!) – I literally did my Bourne sprints to the bus stop.

Out of breath, the bus showed up a few minutes later (me out of breath, lol).

I remember thinking oddly enough about a scene in a movie which you guys likely have NOT seen, Khiladiyon ka Khiladi, an old movie from back in the day (hero is an actual black belt and Muay Thai guy) – where the male leads literally runs after a bus that doesnt stop for him, overtakes it, and climbs up on top – jumps down again when the bus doesnt stop for him – falls the RIGHT way as opposed to me landing on my right wrist at the age of 17 when I did it (I still remember the onlookers gawking and doing F all to help, and the Dad claiming I needed to lift pink dumbbells 5 kg each, ugh, to build my grip up – UGH!!!) – so many memories!

I could probably do that TODAY and not hurt myself. Hehe. There is a way to jump off a running bus, and a way not to, though its got nothing to do with fitness, and I dont recommend it unless you’re a stunt man or woman. I’m not, but I enjoy doing daredevil stunts anyway! LOL.

Anyway …

As I told John Walker who skyped me a while back and I never checked (these dadgum dumbphones!! UGH) – “I am off to do some pushups now”, delayed by over two hours.

Truly, it happens when it does when you’re living in the flow as I do.

So I’m off for this, well, after I respond to john via email (I sent him a voice note too).

Pushup Central, my friend, will as Charles Mitchell once told me, “build INDESTRUCTIBLE human beings”.

That it will ,my friend. That it will, and with the 50% off offer going on, I cannot think of a better time to get this, Battletank Shoulders, Animal Kingdom Workouts, and many other (rightly so) high ticket products while the sun SHINES, if I may say so.

Make that hay while you CAN.

Else, you’ll only have yourself to blame.

I’ll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

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