The daughter monitors my pushups to check if I cheat!
- Except not in the way you'd think, hehe.

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Most people CHEAT on pushups, then call ’em easy.

You’ll see idiots not go all the way because their fat tummies touh the ground first, or their chins.

You’ll see nuts pumping them out jerkily – horrible!

You’ll see nutjobs doing them with arched backs (note for Hindus and variants, these are great – not so for regular pushups – the body stays in ONE LINE, period!).

And so forth.


Anyway, this afternoon while doing pushups the wife sent me an email.

“Dad check your email”, trilled the daughter.

I said I’d do it later, of course, I had to do it NOW. Hehe.

“It rhymes with female”, I grinned back at her.

Then I checked, but before that I asked her to wait for at least 5 more pushups.

I gotta complete tiger bend pushups, I told her. I keep getting interrupted today (as I wrote about before).

Whats a man to do.

Maids, roaches, a gaggle of beauties all around me – and well, you get the drift.

And ORDERS to buy something “now”.

Which I did.

After checking the email, before that the daughter –

“I’ll count”.

To make sure I didnt cheat, ie do MORE than what I said I would which I’ve been known to do. Hehe.

So at 3 pushups she got bored and looked away.

At 5 she said “2 more left”!

I said no. 3 more!

She wouldn’t have known the difference.


I got up, and didnt cheat.

But thats the level of dedication and FOCUS that martial artists have, that YOU my friend would be well placed to INCULCATE so you can accomplish any and all goals in your life, bar NONE.

And Pushup Central shows you the way.

Get it, YES, NOW – DROP what you’re doing, and get it NOW. It’s that important.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – A spankin new, yet extremely popular course is flying under the radar – check it OUT – HERE – Pushup Central – TIPS!

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