The PERFECT combo of Squats and Isometrics I just did!
- AND THAT you should do too.

MAN, as I write this, my hips, thighs and lower back are vibrating with ENERGY, PULSATING WITH SHEER ENERGY Like I ain’t never felt before!!!!

Not “smashed” or hammered sort of energy.

But ALIVE sort of energy, loose, flexible, animal like!

What do I mean?

Well, the kind you get with isometrics, done after some heavy duty workouts – in this case squats.

Hence the title of this, which I’m about to write now, hehe “the PERFECT combo of Squats and Isometrics I just did!”

This focus on areas MOST people require loosened up – and stretched, and strengthened, MAN – I’m VIBRATING LITERALLY!

I know that sounds strange, but it won’t ,your lower back and core and physically (including your “P spot” as a man – more on that later – sacral chakras and such) connect you to the very CORE OF THE UNIVERSE, and spirit, energy, all of it, and putting your feet FLAT on the floor is part of it, as your ASS too.

Stretching out the HAMSTRINGS is another huge thing here, most people neglect this area in favor of the thighs. Man, my thighs had that sore, yet not so sore in between feeling to them, now?

They’re feeling, solid, loose, flexible, and VIBRANT!

Literally – I know I refer to them as human in my language, but thats how I feel, thats how you will feel too when you get on these routines.

What I did – normally I use isometric workouts as a sort of warm up cum workout before my strenous workouts, but today?

I did 150 squats.

Note I took slightly longer than usual, I was going at maybe 87% of my capacity, so it took me around 4 minutes to do em when it should be less.

Regular squats, not Hindus.

I really warmed up the upper body while doing so!

And thats another lesson, breathe deeply, dont always go full bore – but always DO the thing – daily. I’ve said this before, I’ll say this yesterday, for me it was full rest yesterday, but that involved splits – and hanging on the chinning bar – remember, I did SOMETHING.

Today, after this, I sat in the splits for 15 minutes – MAN!

Key to getting the splits and most of the stretches I teach isn’t physical – its nigh mental.

IMAGINE yourself in the position first before doing it – you’ll see this works wonders.


And then – this is most important, focus on the BREATHING.

If you don’t breathe right, youll never advance into any sort of isometric to the level you could, and your potential as a human being for these is LIMITLESS, BOUNDLESS – nigh boundless!

You inhale INTO the stretch, you exhale out of it, you do so with control paying attention to each deep breath, you do so in all positions, from all angles, and slowly, surely, the entire body loosens up – especially the CORE.

And hamstrings.

I then did the Hindu pushups downward dog isometric.

For about a minute. I could go longer, but then I did the Rahul Mookerjee patented Asian squat.

Then I did some touch my toes and calf stretches, which I do in a way most people don’t – stretch, strengthen, REJUVENATE – I actually did a bit of these after the squats, but I really got into them here.

Then, I Was thinking doing the pushup – plank – but then I thought clubs.

I did neither.

I went over to the chinning bar, executed a dead hang for 1 minute straight – no thick grips, no pull-ups.

goal here is to – was to – STRETCH.

The lower back and sides started shaking uncontrollably after a while. The upper back really felt “opened up”.

And here I am, writing to you, ready to go down some H20 and then some more tea. Hehe.

Life’s good!

And so it will be for you health wise and “all wise” – when you get on my world famous – literally – courses Isometric and Flexibility TrainingAdvanced Isometric and Flexibility Training. 

Remember, folks, the AUDIBLE versions of these are selling like MONSTERS< , even hot cakes!

Or both.

There is a reason.

GREAT narration by Rich and Janet Clare are part of it.

Content is part of it.

And the way you FEEL once you get on these workouts is MOST of it.

Well, that and listening to Madam’s stridence while working out, hehe.

Confidence – and done RIGHT!

Rich- same thing!

You’ll want to pick up the digital and paperback versions of the book NOW – and then the Audible versions – in that order.

and that, friend, is that, I’ll be back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee