Why I keep saying its not about looks, six packs, or “external” factors.
- And it's not.

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Before I start this email, let me tell you by saying – NO, this isn’t an excuse to be fat, lazy and a complete slob (I’m saying that as a disclaimer of sorts because Fatsos globally will munch more Cheetos while gleefully reading this saying “see! I KNEWWWWWWWWWWW it was ok to be “big but not fat” (yeah right)”.


It ain’t either.

But it’s interesting, last night I was talking to Janet Clare, whose done so many superb narrations for me that along with another lady Amanda on the other business – I could listen to their voices literally all day.

One’s openly strident, informative, crisp, factual, precise, the other – iron hand in a velvet glove, extremely smooth, soft, sweet, melodious – and I love BOTH.

I’ll let you figure out which is which! And why I love both, but here is what Janet said (she is going to be narrating my latest book)

“Oh yeah epic embarassment of the week for me I do something everyday to promote or work on my audiobooks but the other day when I finish one of your books I decided I would try push UPS guess what I cannot do push UPS how embarassing!” 


I “Consoled” her saying she has to start someplace, start on her knees and so forth (please, no puns, idiots reading this) – and that a lot of MEN with potbellies and fat men in general claiming “they’re big but not fat” cannot do a single pushup in proper form, so she sure ain’t alone.

Its what I keep saying – women can do these too!

Melani Brown, who narrated Shoulders like BOULDERS! so superbly and left a great review about the proof being in the pudding in terms of my own “ripped” self (that was never a goal for me, by the way) does them in sets of 15.

And a common thread I’m noticing here is that these books are inspiring folks that haven’t done pushups for YEARS (and have otherwise worked out and kept themselves fit and strong) to start on pushups!

Like Adam Kurylo, whose narrating Pushup Central – the TIPS! – he’s doing them too now!

And John Eaton, the narrator for Fitness Central – Volume Two! – he got on table pushups while reading the book, and cannot stop raving about ’em

THAT is what it’s all about, now back to Janet?

“Yea I am looking all over because all i was worried about was chicken wings and untoned tummy but its pathetic not to even do one after years of yoga I knew I was six months out of practice but wow”

And then I told her about yoga being great isometrically – but it doesnt hold a candle to some of the isometrics I teach – and how it builds strength in static positions, but nothing like – and nothing prepares you for doing DYNAMIC bodyweight exercises like pushups, pull-ups etc.

“I just haven’t gained any weight, still wearing the same size as my 13 year old daughter”.

So there’s that, folks.

I keep saying you can be skinny and unfit.

I keep saying you can be BIG (not FAT) and superbly fit and strong (and well-conditioned).

I keep saying a six pack is not of the essence, that said, on my training programs you’ll get one – guaranteed – if you stick at it, because the exercises are nigh impossible to do right unless you have very little fat around the midsection.

Or the booty, hehe.

It’s not about how you look, BMI’s etc – all of that doesnt mean you should be fat and a slob, but its about what you can DO with your body. And how long you can do it for.

A one time lift vs strength that you use repetitively like in real life …

Take your pick

No prizes for guessing which sort of strength the 0 Excuses Fitness System will build, friend.

And thats that- back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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