360 degree “tiger claw” pushups
- MAN!

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This is a tip that I’m writing – just after moving a heavy  circular object made of glass – something I could barely budge on my lonesome back in the day, today, I just picked it up like it was nothing – with my fingertips alone “holding it” – no muscle seemingly even required.

I was thinking fingertip pushups, Bruce Lee – before that – how he literally put each inch of his fiber, his very being into those fingertip pushups he so religiously cranked out, any wonder he was the BEST by far?

Not just at those, but every type of pushup, and he learnt till the day he passed.

I’m no different.

And no surprise I cracked off 25 perfect fingertip pushups post this, except they were more than perfect.

They were letter perfect.

Look, I’ll give you two tips here instead of one which if you’re lucky enough to still be on the list you’ll get in your mailbox.

One, 360 degree pushups but the second is more important.

Neither mentioned in Pushup Central, or Pushup Central – the TIPS! So this is a freebie for those on the list, a most valuable one at that.

Second tip – when you’re doing fingertip pushups maintain proper form, focus and breathing yes, but it goes beyond that.

Dont be content to do ’em in just perfect form.

Really SPREAD the fingers, DIG them into the ground.

If you watch martial artists and wrestler’s “grab” folks by their fingertips, and literally in some cases impart so much energy into that grab they tear chunks of FLESH off – rip muscle apart – well, you’ll get what I mean.


Imagine you’re a tiger while doing these.

And really IMAGINE perfect form when doing ’em, imagine the back expanding and contracting, dig deeper with each rep, really SQUEEZE with the fingers, press into the ground, even if it’s hard cement like I do ’em on.

You’ll find this to be an immensely useful tip for most type of pushups, but it applies even more so to the fingertip press -up.

Back to 360 degrees, theres a wide variety of ways these can be done in .

One, you can move around while doing them – this is mentioned in “Profound 70% Human 30% Gorilla Handstands“.

Move in a circle, because life always comes full circle as I like to say, and its true – but you can do ’em in a star or any other position you so choose.

Keep moving around during a set, or do sets in different positions until you make up a circle.

I’ve found the best way to do these though is with your FINGERS or palms moving in a 360 direction as you do reps.

Realize this, and trust me later, a slight change in the way your fingers are positioned turns the exercise into a completely different and far more productive and tougher exercise.

You’ll see when you do ’em.

Be very careful when you do some of them, as I tell you in Pushup Central, and thats that, 95 pushups and 10 pull-ups in already, I am just … buzzing!

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Look at Lee’s focus – you can FEEL it through that grainy pic!

Really imagine you’re TEARING someone’s abdomen apart as you do these – figuratively, of course. These build UNHEARD of strength, my friend – ask any martial artist!

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