How my daughter beats the Nazi feminists at their OWN game. Hehe.
- So well!

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“Always spend your daddy’s money more!” was the sage advice an idiot – one of these monkey branching females (used to be a laborer) gave my little girl when we were buying candy which I do all the time for her.

Now, this might be taken as “friendly” banter.

Except, the vibe wasnt.

This lady is dominating as heck, my friend, and not in a good way. And she’s latched on to a cuckolded old fool whose last wife, by his own admission in public left him “because he didnt give her enough to eat” or some rot.


Probably had no money at the time, she left for someone who did, and this lady, younger than him and “lower on the social scale” will too. Hehe.

I Dont much care for such women, monkey branching – and they’re usually grade A Nazi feminists too – my wife utters this same dialog all the time.

I’ve never understood why it couldn’t be “ask your dad to get you what you want, and he’ll bring the world home for his little girl – often without asking”.

That is precisely, unknown to the “mother” what daughter and Dad were discussing.

Smartly she didnt respond to the idiot woman.

But she talked to me on the way home “Dad, I dont agree. You buy everything for me anyway!”

And I do it without being told, I laughed. If someone TELLS me how to spend my money I wont spend a red cent – if not, well …

She giggled.

“Secret secret”.

She’s smart as heck is my little girl, THAT is the sort of woman a girl should grow into.

Look, daughter’s are, or should be the apples of their Dad’s eyes, I dont know in India where “sons are preferred” till this day (lets be honest folks) but for me, she always has been, now if we could only get rid of the Nazi feminists.


Not all women are that way.

I work with more women than most women do themselves, and I have nothing but good things to say about ’em all, I fall over, bend over, kneel over backwards to praise ’em because their work and attitude warrants it.

Take for instance, Janet Clare.

Can’t do pushups?

N/P – the lady’s on them, will be able to do em soon. Doesnt make excuses about being fat, big or thin – she just does it.

She narrated 10 Commandments of Successful Sales, already a huge hit in the Audible “verse”.

And she’s redoing it, in her own words “I thought it was good when I did it, but I hear it now, its nowhere near as good as it could be, and I want to make it better!”

This without any prodding – no pun – from my end.

No-one asked her to do it. No-one, in fact she got reviews saying “superb narration” because – it was that!

But she’s doing it anyway.

I thought her work was pretty good – that was her first narration, again, I tutored and taught her, we had to do a few retakes, but I knew that was a diamond in the rough as all the folks I work with long term are.

And so I hung in there, and she got better with each narration, and now this.

It’s not gender specific.

Its not a coincidence she narrated the book on Nazi feminism. 

Hell, she FEELS the principles in those books so deeply you can HEAR the passion in her voice!

I dont believe in those anyway …

Wants more work all the time “I go crazy without working”.

My type of gal for sure! And I’m the right guy to “give it to her” – no pun. (work). I’m the same damned way myself, hence my what people call “prolific writer”, or “holy batman shit prodigous output” ( no pun)

DEDICATION, I’ll say that! I respect that, Madam! (ditto for a lot of my other great narrators, David Quiros – another one that comes to mind, and will be mentioned in my next book …)

And thats that!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Just got the heart thumping with 70 quick pushups and a sprint – highly suggest you do the same too. Like I said, rightly say, a 100 pushups a day done in proper cadence keeps the DOCTOR WELL AWAY, so it should with their money padding, hehe. (and fatsos Docs advising their patients on how to lose weight or live an otherwise healthy lifestyle –  ugh. Dr Paul, yes, you’re one, so is Dr Puri! (well, at least the latter admits it)).

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