“One of the most inspirational and motivating books I’ve ever read! “
- And it is - thank you John !

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John Eaton recently left us a superlative review on Fitness Central – Volume Two.

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome advice and terrific tips!

One of the most inspirational and motivating books I’ve ever read! Just starting out onyour fitness journey? This book will challenge you and motivate you to get up, get out and get going!

Rahul takes you along his own “been there, done that” journey and relates directly to the fitness struggles you’re probably facing right now. Even as an experienced “gym rat” myself, I learned a few new tricks to help boost my own performance.

Three words: GET THIS NOW!!!

Hehe – I seem to have influenced more than a few people with the “GET IT NOW!”

But really, time waits for no-one and putting stuff off – well, that just dont work my friend (hence the massive cull in the list of do nothings, whiners, and excuses makers).

Anyway … I could end this here, but lest you think (again) – I only tell you the good – no I dont, I tell you the good, bad and the ugly and everything else too. Open book!

Anyway, an outstanding citizen sent me this email –

Hi Rahul. I wanted to reach out and touch base with you as I have come to the conclusion that I cannot, in good conscience, record this book for you. You make a lot of comments that I am uncomfortable with. About, sex, weight, race, sexual preference and orientation. I don’t fit into any of the categories you have singled out, yet I am still offended by the language and views you have shared. I tried to work around it, but at the end of the day, it comes to integrity. I don’t share these views, and I don’t want my voice, name, or business to be associated with these views. I hope you understand.

Now, as this will not be recorded by me, we need to dissolve our contract. I am sending a request with this email to <chopped> to request to be dissolved. You will need to do the same if you want this to be recorded by someone else.

Please send your request to dissolve our contract to CHOPPED and they will begin the process.

On a personal level, you seem like a good guy outisde of these issues and you mean well, and I can relate to many of the other things you talk about. But i can hope you see that EVERYONE, fat, skinny, fit, male, female, no sexual orientation, any racial denomination or voter background, are not only the same as you and me, but also equal to us, as well. And, I hope you stop spreading the message that we are not all equal, or that just because people don’t live like you or i do, or want them to, that they’re “stupid” or “bad or a “lower quality of people”. If we are all the same the earth becomes very boring very quickly, my man! We NEED the differences people bring in order to achieve our collective goals for humanity!

Have a good day Rahul!
<name chopped>

We’ll call him “A” but basically he was going to narrate Pushup Central – the TIPS!

I doubt that book has anything of the nature he;s mentioned, so I think it’s mostly our writing here. Hehe. I also suspect a woman has more than something to do with this, but of course, yours truly cannot confirm, and hasn’t asked. I dont say that is a fact, no, but I can feel these things from a mile away … ????

Now, you might think I’m going to call him out, troll him, and so forth.

Nah. He was HONEST, and thats what counts, he didnt make any excuses, he got to the point – whether or not I agree is a different story, but you can feel the honesty coming off his words, and that I have to DOFF MY HAT to – and respect.

Plus, dude’s a great narrator!

Yours truly –

(and he’ll probably be surprised flames weren’t shooting out of it – hehe)

Hi Buddy,

Thanks for the honest feedback/email – I appreciate it! I can understand being offended by some of my views – most people – in fact all, either hate me with a passion or love me with the same “ardor” – there is never any in between, thats always how I’ve been – haha. My views do tend to be brutally abrasive, and thats fine – although I’m not sure where I spoke about race in a derogatory manner, I can understand not wanting to be associated with (from your standpoint) some of the other stuff I say – hehe. (I stand by it 100% though, but at the same time, I can see where you’re coming from my friend).

W.r.t the sexual orientation thing, what people do in the privacy of their own bedrooms is their own business. We all, myself INCLUDED have “those hidden desires” that we want to act upon (some like me do, hehe). But when it comes to nonsense like transgender athletes whining about being allowed to compete in women’s sports competitions, kids as young as 4 being exposed to “if you dont feel comfortable in your body then say it” – then I really think we as a society have gone WAY too far (ditto for the moaning and groaning about body shaming – results are what count, while no-one should poke fun at someone intentionally, if that person doesnt acknowledge facts at the very least – then TOUGH love is the way to go … ).

Anyway – I get it my friend! I dont think in this case I’ll need to write to (chopped), but I’ll do so – no problems, and I’ll mention the reason you mentioned to me ie. “not comfortable with the content of the book”.

From a personal standpoint my opinion of you remains unchanged “outstanding citizen”.

And I’ll be happy to provide a review for you in terms of your superb work for the last book if you so choose, that is why I chose you for this one!

Best – and onward – and upward!! 🙂

Rahul Mookerjee

And that, friend, truly is THAT. The good, bad, ugly, motivating, and all in between – all an open book!

I’ve never quite understood how the “my way or the highway” of the other side (examples mentioned bove) or nuts like Glyn posting people’s kids pictures online in a lasviscious manner get away scot free – while yours truly “offends” for calling it out – I guess thats the society we live in today. Ugh.

A woman, or maybe my political views played a part in this (especially given he loved our stuff before). Hehe. So be it !

Fear not – the wheel IS coming full circle!

And back to open books –

Get you some NOW.

Yes, NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

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