Strengthen the fingers, strengthen the knuckles…
- An old truism

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Martial artists, boxers, wrestlers, they’re all huge on this – especially the former.

To GRAB someone – to throw someone – you need a strong grip.

To Punch someone, it comes from the core yes, the swivel, but the end point of impact cannot be weak my friend.

Those mitts need to be strengthened, and the knuckles too.

You’ll often see martial artists doing what I do – fingertip pushups on hard cement or other hard, unforgiving surfaces or striking wood etc till their knuckles bleed.

My own training these days consists of getting in the splits and throwing punches against a solid oak bedstand.

“Good thing brick dont hit back”, I still remember ole “Chong Li” chortling.



But it PREPARES you for someone that can hit back in terms of conditioning.

Bear in mind this is not for the uninitiated and needs to be done right.

You strike with not your knuckle direct, but the area between your knuckle and the second knuckle.

Fingertip pushups are done with fingers slightly BENT!

Often times, I’ll slam my fingers into the cement that way imagining I’m tearing it apart.

Or, breaking the cement.

It hasn’t happened – as yet.

Yet, it will soon – I can feel it.

Now, what does this mean for you – the average Joe or Jane that doesn’t really want or need that level of elite strength?

Well, not want is one thing.

But it will always help you. Lifting odd object around the house, opening hard to open cans, giving massages to your SO (hehe) – and so on and so forth. You can never have fingers that are too strong, my friend, or “waste” a strong grip – that is a fact as clear as daylight.

And thats that!

back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If you’ve seen Van Damme in one of the Kickboxer movies practising shin kicks against an oak tree till he couldn’t walk circa the Gama at the age of 9 doing squats for hours till he couldn’t walk (was bedridden for a week reportedly after) well in the old days, thats precisely how they toughened up!

You dont have to go to those extremes, but go close, EXPAND your potential – slowly!

And thats that.

You’ll be surprised at what happens if you do!

PS #2 – This tip is NOT mentioned in Pushup CEntral, or in Pushup Central – the TIPS – another freebie for those on the list.

though, I can see book #2 on tips writing itself. Hehe. Anyway book #2 on SQUATS FIRST!

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