The lesson my little girl learned about VALUE
- Yet again

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Last night, I was looking up a topic I’m pretty much close to expert status on, yet keep learning anyway – why are hardcover books more expensive than paperback?

I found all the right answers, exactly what I thought, what I KNOW!

OF course, there is a reason thoughts pop into my brain – and dreams happen.

I predicted things right right down to “a’s” feelings about a book – hehe – and so this afternoon, walking her back from school, she asked me this.

“Dad, why are hardcovers more expensive than paperbacks” – and this question was preceded by “Dad, how much do your books cost?”

The former question was answered by a question from me “why – did someone ask?”

Can’t never tell these days – anyone, no-one did, so I told her.

Then latter question, I told her – hard cover, better quality paper, lasts for a hell of a lot longer, and the “feel” of the book which is the most important and you cannot put a price tag on it, even more important, the VALUE the books deliver.

Now, she asked me estimates in USD – as well as INR which is the currency she is used to, therefore, (and in the future, we’ll sell directly in your currency too – stay tuned for that! For now, all in USD – but you’ll see local prices soon in CAD, EUR etc depending upon choice) (dont know about INR though) … I told her.

Naturally, the “figures” seem a lot larger when you convert to INR – or JPY, hehe.

“I would never buy it, Dad!”she giggled. “It would empty my account”.

But some people will, I told her.

I then told her how I earned a tidy bit from selling THREE – yes, just three books on ONE platform – pretty much paid all my bills for the month with the royalties from those.

People want VALUE is what I said – and smart people with money will pay for it.

“Look at the Wings of Fire books you so WANTED”, I then said.

Those books cost me a fortune.

“Right”, she chimed in. I wouldn’t buy them if they were cheap, even though there’s plenty of cheap books out there!


We then ended the discussion “Dad, lets stop, Mom will hear us” (what she means is the meaningless yelling that goes on at home from “Mom and Granny” anytime Dad attempts to teach his daughter something about real life as opposed to the Nazi feminist crap being shoved down her throats which she, as I tell her, and she does, takes it through one ear, out the other).

(she knows there ain’t no point beating that head against a brick wall)

My daughter gets it – always has (as she gave me an example of how some Tintin books cost a bomb, especially by Indian “standards”. (which I’ve always found funny, when people get back to me with crap about “its too expensive for us Indians” I point out their iphones and other junk they happily pay a fortune for, much like in the US people pay a friggin fortune for crap like Netflix and complain about other things) …

Tin Tin books sell like hot cakes in India, so there goes “price”. Kids are a perfect example of “want = GET eventually”.

(and no, to those asking, prices wont go down to “suit Indian tastes” either or any other nationality, they are what they are, they will remain what they are, if anything some of them are fixing to go up – yes, YET AGAIN. Yikes! But hey, Im givng you advance notice so you can’t blame me for that at least).

Its about VALUE, my friend, UNPARALLELED value you get from my books – and something people really, really want deep down inside and cannot find in an authentic genuine form anywhere else.

If someone truly wants something, they’ll move heaven and earth to get it, price or not not withstanding. And thats the sort of people I sell to, and focus upon – the DOERS in life, not the whiners and moaners.

Cut it any way you like – thats how it works. Life, successful sales, all of it.

And thats a lesson a lot of nutjobs out there and price wankers need to learn, come to think of it they wouldnt learn if SHOWN how to learn. Hehe.

And thats that – pick up some “reassuringly expensive products” as John Walker so rightly and adroitly once put it (citing the example of Stella Artois) …


Rahul Mookerje

Ps – I dont know who needs to hear this, but with all the stuff about “dont break down, uplift, if A is reading this – here is the advice I gave a young girl – lets call her “Madam Nym” today – she’s grieving, it wasn’t the first time she’s in a bad mood and it shows in her otherwise excellent moood” …

and excellent work.

Hi Princess,

Just sending this over since it may help as a guide of sorts – although you likely already know it in theory, I do think it would help for someone to spell it out (if you’re on twitter let me know – Ill be happy to do “voice” notes sometimes for this sort of thing) (I’m …)

It can be hard to just “stop grieving” (well, or “not be in the not so ideal frame of mind” which is the right way to put it in your case I guess) – but business wise, we have to be “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” – and especially when doing something creative – Mr Hyde must come out. Haha.

Take a few minutes to yourself, preferably in a dark room *yes, just a few minutes, you dont need all day for this*, close your eyes, relax – and SWITCH the mind to something – and picture it deeply – either erotic or fun, or both, or interesting – what have you – anything that makes you intensely happy (despite your personal loss right now).

Focus on that for a few mins, you’ll instantly feel your mind – and mood – and vibes LIFT.

Get up, do something different (maybe eat an ice cream, take a walk, I dont know, hehe) – and once the mind is calm and settled, do the work.

And thats it, sounds complicated, but it really isnt!

I apologize if you already knew this -but sometimes it helps to hear it, and just sending it along “in case it might help”, not just with our projects together but in “life” in general. **** is a rather aged *** hehe, and *** learnt SOME things as *** “goes along” – LOL (though this one, I always did it on auto pilot).



So you see, mi amigo, plenty of cheering up and uplifting going on for those that deserve it, she does …

And no, I aint tellin ya what the “stars” represent. Lets just say – ah, I’ll keep MUM for now. ????

PS #2 –

I shall send you the book changed the next Tuesday.
and I shall tell you what did I write different in the text.
If you have not any requests from me. It is all for now.
Do not worry if I do not say you anything in the meantime. Because
when I begin an enterprise I have not any contact with the exterior.
I am in my private castle. I think you understand what I mean.
Greetings and a kiss on the cheek if you give me permission, but if not,
then only in the imagination world.

Paula, you have it so spot on, Countess! Hehe. And she does…

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