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- And ole burden, hehe.

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Believe that, Burden – youll believe ANYTHING!

So said Vidal, the pygmy who was IMMENSELY powerful, those broad shoulders (I knew there was a reason I was looking up the Great Khali today, and .. well, the page led me to chokeslams, and “Vidal” (another wrestler) … and “Val Vader”, and…) …

… well, Val was the heroine of that book.

The hero was a badgered “Clay Burden” with a bitchy wife I can so relate to – him, in that regard.

I can relate to him leaving a stable job for a woman he DESIRED WITH ALL HIS HEART AND SOUL! (though I can’t relate to working jobs in the first place, hehe).

Anyway, in that book – Val was a fantastic worker at Clay’s travel agency that he fell in love with, but it was never requited, and he never lost his love for her.

Instead he married Rhonda, an utter … well, I dont know how to say it correctly, but a complete pain in the ass let’s say (Chase says the same too in the book, thats the story, so stop jumping on for demeaning women and other crap guys) …

… Then he accepts a job offer too good to be true to be with Val.

Except he finds out she’s (work wise) no longer the super efficient Val he knew, which leads him to despair and near ruin workwise.

He eventually hires a super professional “fat lady” as a typist, and she solves all the problems work wise.

End of the book, he finds out Val was using him, never really loved him (or the boy toy she was with) – and they both get tossed off a building by a Florida gale, while Burden saved the very life of the man he so detested, the man Val was “married to”.

And he gives him another chance, story goes on … (ends, like many of mine, “going on”).

Now, manifestation?

In my dreams “I” often show up as many things.

My wife.

My Dad.

Maybe even …. well, I wont go there, but I do !

And this strange occurence (I LOVED the novel, I’ve always kept it, its one of my favorite Chase Novels, I love ’em all – great writer!) – has happened after the house manifestation I spoke about, albeit in a way youd never think.

Wife hires one maid, she becomes my “girlfriend” (same thing in the book – Rhonda gets FURIOUS when she finds out about Val, in my case, well, wife’s furious internally, and a helper she once couldn’t stop praising highly enough suddenly becomes a sworn enemy!) … and then enter this other helper (this fascination women have with maids – so much for “women being each other best friends”, like the wife herself says, women are each other’s worst enemies) … whose as efficient and about as HEFTY (I wouldn’t want a blow!) as the typist Burden hires in the book.

She comes, does her thing, leaves – no drama, nothing, the other one comes, sways her hips, shows her lovely bodacious tits in those multicolored saris she so loves (and so do I, hey), her lovely legs, and chats up a storm, while .. well, not doing much at all in terms of work.

Whats a man to do, hehe.


I was thinking of that this morning, Burden’s name popped into mind.

Here I am, writing to you!

Yet another example.

Tom Toms and idiots reading this will claim “nothing related to fitness”.

Maybe not directly, but you can use these same techniques to manifest ANYTHING in life friend, fitness results included.

To find out more – Zero to… HERO! is your BABY.

Get it NOW, as even the reviewers reviewing it are saying!


Rahul Mookerjee

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