Stalk like a TIGER, strike like a SNAKE!
- Yes.

Float like a butterfly, sting like a beer.

Ooops. hehe.

You know my drift, both sting, surely RIGHT!

But you get my drift, the ole Ali saying – which Ali didnt coin, but Im sure he’d agree.

I am 100 % positive if he were around today he’d agree (as I am 200% certain people like Herschel Walker, for one would agree) –

(or iron Mike, or any real DOER) –

A 100 pushups done (proper cadence) keeps the ole DOC away.

So does a 100 SQUATS

One that has caused a lot of consternation amongst idiots, Bozos and fat boys (and girls) alike (they’re usually all of the same ilk  minus Glyn’s more abhorrent qualities – so they’re fun, hehe) *Schofield hell no*

IF YOU ain’t SQUATTING, then you ain’t TRAINING.

And thats the bottom line, period.

I’ve explained this more in Squat 101 – the TIPS!

In truly buccaneering Rahul Mookerjee style like never before, this book will soon be on Audible, so will the cOMPILATION!

But today we’ll talk about something you might not associate with squats and pushups.


You’d think, crouch, move etc – but I’m saying STALK.

STRIKE like a snake.

You’d think the tiger?


Why do I say this, well, the tiger is the true king of the jungle as anyone knows (the big cat that is known as such doesn’t even live in the jungle and wouldn’t stand two hoots of a chance in a cage match against the mighty tiger – period).


It can remember things up to 30 times better than us humans – yes, short term memory.

It can also stalk it’s prey for not just days, but MONTHS.

It carries grudges if wronged, yet, if not – it is, as Corbett wrote about, “a true gentleman”.

Proof – as a kid he used to often go to sleep in the Jungles of India, then TEEMING with tigers (before idiots killed off a lot of them).

Those idiots being the Indian Maharajas. Chuck, I dont agree with you on a lot of things, but hordes of grown male fools pursuing ONE tiger on a herd of elephants, with guns – you call that hunting?

Get real bro!


Hunt like a man, like Corbett did, one on time, then you’re a man.

Else you’re a pansy.

Anyway, bottom line – In Siberia, you’ll hear tales of tigers REMEMBERING who wounded them (humans) and then pursuing them for months, literally, stalking them.

Patience is a huge virtue the tiger has which seperates it from other big cats.

When it does choose to attack, it finishes EVERYTHING.

Nothing, not even hunting dogs in packs survive that brutal attack, yet, I chose the snake.


I’ve lived by the cobra (as a kid there was a joke “no bra”) hehe mentality all my life.

The movie was a Stallone classic.

And when the snake strikes, a lot of times you dont just die instantly like with the tiger.


And thats the bottom line, friend, now the snake, leave it alone, it will leave YOU alone too

Much like the tiger.

Mess with either of ’em, you’ve got Cain raining down on ya and then some.

And thats the new Rahul Mookerjee saying shortly about to be world famous, my friend, along with my “girlfriend”. Hehe.

Now, fitness wise, it might do y’all a world of good to MOVE like these animals.

The tiger walk and tiger crouch are DIFFERENT.

Both will whip you into shape fast if you can even get into position initially.

The snake crawl might not seem like a lot, but when you’re doing it and rearing up with abs and lower back alone, and when that lower back SCREAMS for mercy within a minute – you’ll know what I mean.

These, and other animal movements will get you fit as a fiddle – burn fat at record speeds, and most importantly , if you do it right,build your subconscious minds up to the point you will be able to uncannily attract almost any “prey” to you (goals) and DEVOUR ’em and get MORE – like those animals.

That friend, is truly that.

If you’re the reader, and if you’re SMART (if you’re not, then forget about it) – you’ll get Animal Kingdom Workouts now and learn the way of the animal, and how yours truly truly experiences “circumstances in my life far beyond what I even imagined or thought possible in a good way in my very very fertile imagination which manifests “in front of me as it were”.

Amazon delivery showing up between 2-4 today, and I can predict the doorbell too.

And thats that, my friend.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I have not received a price wanker complaint in a long, long time. Do send those in … Hehe.

Neither have I, despite literally begging people (some) – to – gotten a bad review.

Heck, I get it.

Even my haters acknowledge the guy’s knowledge is spot on, beyond comparision with anyone not just in the fitness world, but otherwise “the ether”.

But still, it’s fun to see those trollish wanker like reviews, Glyn, where are you when we need YOU. ????

(oh wait, he just created a new FB account with trolly pictures stolen from me. Hehe).

Hey, Bozo, at least choose the NAME sensibly ya know … LOL. Hilarious if nothing else.

More in the upcoming book Profit Troll, which again, any smart person must invest in NOW.

PS #2 and EDit.

I knew there was more to write. Sure enough, the MINUTE I published this, is the minute my producer David uploaded part of Squat 101 – the TIPS – which i even forgot to link up there, so I’ll do so NOW.

This will be HUGE!

The heavens DONE aligned.

Yes, done.


Proof yet again.

Learn, grasshopper, learn.

If you so CHOOSE from the true, one and only MASTER at it. Theres a damn good reason they call me Gandhi, Jesus, and all those names long before I ever did any sort of business.