Do I need a hill – or anything – to stay in shape?
- Back to the neighsayers, hehe.

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Lets talk about something a lot of you have likely experienced if  you don’t follow the wisdom behind “Tell the world what you’re going to do, but show it first!” – and “only showing it to those that count – i.e. not the idiots” (or showing it to all, but only internalizing feedback from those with half a brain).

All my life, fitness wise and otherwise but lets talk fitness, a field in which I have results that most people wouldn’t get over 10 lifetimes of “trying” (I take that back – they’d get it in this lifetime if they really tried, hehe, but most people are lazy asses) …

… Every time I’ve been in shape, my – well, Mom and wife, lets say have “pooh poohed it”.

So what, they chime.

“You used to be so fat before!”

Well, yes, gee whiz, but you’d think what is NOW counts more than the past?

Not to mention what the person did to get himself “out of that past” – with no “help” – figuring it out along the way himself (or herself as the case might be)?

No wonder these clowns live in the past till this date, and their results show, apparently for them “it’s OK to be fat and out of shape because they “used to be fit before” and because they have kids, so thats why”.

The more I hear this lunacy, and I seem to on a daily basis, I cannot help but cringe MORE.

So, I do what I tell my daughter to do (and she does, hehe) “in through one ear, out the other”.

It doesn’t pass the walls in my mind, but lets talk about “what I did”,

Oh, not everyone has a hill to workout on!


My BEST results never came from “just the hill”.

And it ain’t just them, I remember a girl Carol once sagely pronouncing “you need something more than just the hill, you need to swim, you need the gym”, and so forth.

She even gave me her gym membership – which she of course hardly ever used (another prime example of how gyms benefit off idiots that buy it, never use it – or use very little of what they paid for).

Then she noticed “tartly” that I never used it, and said as much.

I remained silent.

Now, swimming – great idea. I love it.

But really, I’ve long championed the idea of your own body – on land – being all you need to get in top shape.

I was living proof of, and still am of 0 Excuses Fitness, my friend, and that was a long period of experimentation on myself – even before I put the book out (though in fairness, Fast and Furious Fitness was out in 2010 – but then again, that was based upon my own physical shape and conditioning before that which was nigh superb, hill sprints, subway stair sprints and such) …

People love to find EXCUSES.

“He succeeded because he had help, or was lucky”.

My friend, the reality behind any real success is the polar opposite.

Its a lot of heartbreaking struggle, it’s a lot of hardship, most of all, the mental feeling of “going it alone” – having to, or else – and watching the whole world laugh at you AT FIRST (before they join others in congratulating you).

When you point this out factually to people like my mom (or a host of other non illuminaries) they either scoff or start bawling about “dont talk about him! thats different!”

True story, when I educated my Mom on Henry Ford, that was her response.

I dont agree with my wife on anything, but she IS Right about me needing a DNA test. Hehe. I Cannot believe, other than the slight facial resemblance I have to my mother (which apparently drove my Dad insane with “love” when he met her – of course, he never met any other girl??) – there is NO similarity between us whatsoever. Or my Dad and me.

(credit again though, at the ripe old age of 70 he seems to have realized the fallacy of lecturing folks on fitness when he’s never been an iota of fit himself in his entire life)

(although I’ve no doubt he’ll start again if his wife tells him to, hehe).

Hey, the wife is ALWAYSSSSSSSSSSSSSS right! (HA!)


Back to it – success – ?

Thats just how it works.

There ain’t no good luck, you make your own – including the breaks you get, and that people think youre lucky to get, including “shortcuts” – there are NONE.

Ask any doer, they’ll tell ya.

Carol didnt want me doing the same thing day in and day out.

My dear lady, and she’s the only one that still causes my heart to “flutter” when I look at that … well, all of her, just so damn ATTRACTIVE, more so than any actress I’ve ever met – sometimes DOING the same thing daily, for hours on end – year in, year out, is what works long term.

Could be climbing hills as I did daily.

Could be doing 250-500 pushups a day without fail as I do. DAILY.


To idiots it might be.

But it brings results more than jumping around from one routine to the other in the name of “it should be funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn” will ever bring.

The hard grind ultimately pays off, and brings success in any field at levels you never imagined , friend.

Question is – do you have it in YOU to stick to the PATH?

And thats the lesson for the day.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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