From chubby – to SUPER FIT.
- Yours truly again!

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Interesting how my thoughts are starting to manifest now – on a damn near daily basis.

Including the wife “hating” me more – hehe, which is fine (maybe this godawful excuse of a relationship will finally end without her ending it – apparently she “wants to stay married” though she hates me and “though I’m useless” – hmmm! If I truly was useless, would she stay married? HA!)

… anyway, it was pouring cats and dogs unexpectedly yesterday – I had to pick up the little girl from school. Of course the bus was 10x delayed, asking them – and telling them that some parents are waiting in the pouring rain soaked to the bone had no impact.

On the way, I saw a lady – without an umbrella – drenched.

I did what I would in China, offer her the umbrella, of course, in India that means people stare holes through you “because the housemaid is not supposed to walk with the “owner” of the household”.

As a friend later told me, some things will never change. Ugh. I’ve never understood this class mentality, the Brits lost it eons ago, good on ’em, India never has, probably never will.

Egalitarian, anyone??

Anyway, in that rain – literally roads turning into rivers, I was thinking of walking with a girl, sure enough, it happened. Hehe.

Nothing if not the ole romantic I am sometimes…

Then a guy in a car came to the bus stop, and something was oddly “similar”, but I couldn’t place it.

Fifteen minutes or so, he got out of the car, we exchanged pleasantries.

And then he asked me if I was “Shristi’s Dad”.

He told me whose father he was, which did not ring a bell, then his name, and then – BAM!

It hit me, two things – one, I’ve been watching a movie as of late where two old friends “meet each other after years”.

That manifested yesterday too!

So that leads to number two, the other memory.

Hey man, I know YOU! I said.

He looked at me curiously.

You do?

Yes, I do, I replied.

“I forgot to get a birthday gift for you in grade 4, and my mother never let me hear the end of it”.

Hehe. With all the lectures of “dont forget to lock the door behind you” – I forgot the gift, door locked, mom not there, it happens, but she didnt let me hear the last of it for bloody WEEKS!

Anshul, the guy, for his part – at his age?

“I’m not greedy!’ I still remember him saying all those years ago. Hehe.

And it was a kiddie mistake, could have happened to anyone, Mom included. Not like I did not buy the damned gift, I just locked the door first and then was stranded!

Oh well. Some mothers aren’t fit to be mothers to be honest. A lot!

I remember jogging by his house in winter, and remembering those days – and today, three months later – we met most unexpectedly, caught up.

Life’s a trip eh. It showl is, friend!

Fitness wise, of course, the comments.

“I couldn’t even recognize you! Your hair, your face – in school you were nothing like the machine you are today! You were chubby, slightly…”

He trailed off, but I was laughing – there was a high school get together at the end of last month in a fancy hotel I never went to, but I was wondering, if I did – all those guys who beat the shit out of me at school – my, how the tables have turned NOW. Hehe.

Indeed, thats the fun of it all – along with fitting into size 26 jeans at the ripe old age of 42 plus … Hehe.

Get on my routines NOW, friend.

And Pushup Central – and 500 pushups a day – is really what has sparked the “sea change”, though all my other books to.

Be sure and check out Audible too! David’s done a superlative job narrating this one!


Rahul Mookerjee

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