When did it become OK for men to become SNIVELING SISSIES?
- Ugh, society these days!

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I’ve written about this of course, the decline and demise of the REAL MAN – and of course, slowly, but surely, the wheel coming full circle again as a small, but growing list of people realize that today’s pansified society ain’t in any way, shape or form what it was “meant to be”.

So, this guy shows up whining, uninvited at my doorstep this morning, and the wife shows up telling me “talk to him” (as if I should invite the fucker right in).

I said I didnt call him, tell him to get lost.

Of course, that didnt work.

Now this guy, I’ve done business with him before, but over the past month or so he’s disappeared without notice multiple times, he’s never bothered to answer my messages or calls on what app except when it suits HIM – he’s never even given me a date on when he’ll be BACK.

So I did what I do in these cases, I blocked him.

He showed up whining on the phone “please give me business” (literally, thats what he said) – so I unblocked him “second chances” – which are usually, most of the time, worthless, but I’ve had cases when folks have redeemed themselves, so …

… of course, he roundly ignored all I said after that, so I blocked him again – this time “for good”.

He showed up whining at the house.

I’ve never understood why I have to explain these things to people – basic courtesy like getting back to folks, not being vague about everything, responding to messages etc. It annoys the shit out of me when people dont get back, and … Ugh.

More than that though, the wife of course hates this guy’s wife. So she’ll never do business with him. My wife’s the sort who would happily do business with a woman she likes – as opposed to a woman that looks good and DOES HER JOB – case in point being “my girlfriend” as she put it who did a splendid job around the house, and of course was dismissed in favor of a fat lard ass who can’t seem to mop the floor any better than I myself can …


So I thought she wouldn’t be too “considerate to him”.

But of course, he showed up hot and sweaty and whining “poor ole me”.

And the wife caved in.

If he had shown up like I do everywhere, uber confident, swaggering, SWASH BUCKLING – and HAD a valid point (which he had NONE here) – then even with that valid point the wife wouldn’t give him the time of day “because he has no problem because hes confident”.

WTF. People, do you even fucking THINK?

I’ve never understood one damned thing.

Is it better to be the FIGHTER, the guy that fights on regardless of all, and is always upbeat, STRONG and SOLID – or the whiner who shows up looking to get sympathy (and usually gets it)?

My wife often comments about how “I have it so easy”.

You know why she does that?

Because I’m in superb physical condition (and health, never fall sick, get injured etc) – I manifest “on the fly” – and because I dont complain.

All of these three things are things I’ve worked at -well, the first two, third has always been my nature.

All of these things, anyone can work at. Majority of lazy fucks out there do NOT.

If I was fat, out of shape, couldn’t manifest a dime to save my ass …. oh wait, thats how I was during a few years of my marriage – she’d love it. Hehe.


I dont know when it became ok for men to become SNIVELING, WHINING, FAT, OUT OF SHAPE, COMPLAINING, PANSIFIED SISSIES (outside the bedroom) – but it certainly, even when I was phat and woefully out of shape – never ok for me.

I never made silly excuses about being big and not fat.

I didnt show up whining and crying when I had injuries that took way too long to heal because of my weight.

I didnt do none of that.

Admittedly I took way too long to get in shape, but once I did – voila.

And here I am – kicking ASSIMUS in a royal, regal manner at the age of 40 plus – well beyond 40, and things are only looking up, up and up.

And the mainstay of my exercise routine – you got it.


Pushups, my friend have so many benefits that I’ve gone hoarse listing them all and you can read them on the sales page.

But most of all, they will make you the REAL MAN – or woman – Mother Nature intended you to be.

And that, my friend, is the BEST thing – the benefit that makes it all worth it.

Get on the stick NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Working up to 500 pushups, and then beyond – 1000 or so – is what it’s all about. Again, ask any doer. Of course, ask yourself if you do the former, you wont need me to explain why you need to do the latter at that point!

PS #2 – And all this after I told idiot NEVER to show up at the house no matter what (because I dont want to deal with the wife’s nonsense later). I’ve told him to ask me whatever on the phone, the road, wherever, the damned shop etc …

Ugh. People just dont get it do they??

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