Why conditioning is always your best hold
- And it is - no excuses

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After doing 350 pushups and 100 squats, the truism of this – as I do handstand pushups, reverse pushups, table pushups and other movements I have not hit in a while – was brought home to me again.

“I wouldn’t last a second with you in the ring”, I remember laughing at Marc who asked me to get into the ring with the “African Silverback Gorilla”.

He gave me the up and down look.

“Sure you would, conditioning wise!”

Now, it was tough, but I learned a hell of lot that day, and do each time I step in the ring to spar – regardless of who I’m sparring or practising with (usually ass kickers all of ’em that could kick MY Ass in the ring – thats how you IMPROVE).

(I always compete against those BETTER than me in some regard. Haha. Not because I have a Schofield style “kick my ass fetish” (ugh) but because thats how, again, you IMPROVE beyond the best you know!) (and theres always room for improvement).

But it brings to mind a lot of nonsense people spout about “we’re big not fat”, and how “its only strength that matters”.

Sure, if youre looking for a one punch knockout then strength matters.

Even then though – you need skills to make sure the other guy is ready for that punch. Lots of idiots think “I can throw him out of the window” when the reality is picking up another well conditioned human being and tossing him or her around like a rag doll is hardly as easy as they show in the movies – lots of factors there.

And chances are, the well conditioned guy will be a lot better place to get up from that punch and keep whacking you back. Look at the “rope” techniques some boxers use when they “absorb the punches” by leaning against the rope – Muhammad Ali, anyone. Hehe. And more!

SUre, strength MATTERS – you cant be a weakling that can’t do 5 pushups right, but the two – conditioning and real strength that is useful in the real world usually go together, pal.

How many times in the real world – in combat – in sports – in life – do you just lift one thing “once” and then rest, and then lift  a heavier weight in a convenient position?

Or, even worse, do it on the machines?

In boxing, wrestling, combat – NO fight is the same.

You can have all the skills in the world, my friend, those can be taught, but the key lies ultimately in executing those skills repeatedly.

Ultimately, the better conditioned athlete WINS – all else being equal.

Think I’m kidding?

Get in the ring – and find out.

It dont apply  just to combat either.

Try moving house and be fatigued after lifting a heavy sofa once.

Sports, you ask?

In tennis, one of the most physically demanding sports – you can be the best tennis player in the world.

But when that damn game goes to 5 sets under the hot sun, tiebreaker – then beyond a point it’s your CONDITIONING that allows you to keep executing on auto pilot – and win – and have the energy to execute.

Swimming – same thing.

It’s that simple, my friend.

You simply cannot get away from conditioning and the way to best condition yourself is to do lots of DIFFERENT movements repeatedly within a short, or as short space of time as possible.

It ain’t about slow long distance running.

That is great if you want to do it, but it plays hell on your body.

It’s about moving QUICK – explosively – and repeatedly – your own bodyweight, and nothing else.

And thats why those 500 – 1000 pushup workouts are so damned effective, friend, even if you all you did daily for the next year was 100 pushups a day, you’d be in a hell of a lot better conditioning beyond that year than you are NOW.

One of the key giveaways of poor conditioning is a bulging belly, “junk in the trunk” – and man boobs (for men) – and other things, but these are the main things.

Lots of folks will rail against this fact.

Another key giveaway – if you cannot get your chin over the bar in a PULL-up – and NOT a hammer grip pull-up or chin up.

Another key giveaway – if you cannot do table pushups without collapsing, if you cannot do the “Jack La Lanne” pushup, the list goes on and on.

True, it ain’t about looks always.

But the look usually goes with real conditioning my friend.

Find any superbly conditioned athlete, and I’ll find you one with a sculpted chest and corrugated core

It’s as simple as that, my friend.

Fat is fat, and it accumulates around the midsection first my friend, and it will – and does – SHOW.

And you’re best off admitting the fact and resolving the problem.

OK, all for now.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Wait, what, how to resolve the problem ?

Well, get on a decent exercise program first and STICK TO IT, not “flavor of the day” nonsense, and that you can do with the 0 Excuses Fitness system – get it NOW. More later.

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