Why they All call me the HE MAN. Hehe.
- And I am, really.

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From a young age, I was the “macho man” – except I didnt have the strength or fitness to back it up.

I still remember feeling humiliated when Dad (I was 5 then) asked me to carry his briefcase, and not boxes when we were moving. Hehe.

I still remember him saying at the age of 11 with me wanting to lift everything in sight (groceries, I believe then?) – “Rahul’s a macho man” (along with more caustic comments of “he’s Akshay Kumar and Amitabh Bachhan rolled into one (he thinks)”.

Years later, I realized – I always did, but I wrote about hidden desires that never go away, and I dont mean just in the bedroom either.

Most of my Dad (I’ve never gotten along with him)’s remarks stem from his own inability to be anything like a strong father figure for us growing up … the opposite, actually, driven by a loony Nazi feminist mother …

I still remember him backing down from fights he started by “yelling” at other guys – which he got away with me at home – but outside?

He got his ass kicked – literally.

Anyway – yours truly – he man, well, I’ve been getting comments from women on the OTHER business – where I portray a decidely NON HE version of myself, and do so very proudly and publicly hehe (Bozo Glyn tried to shame me publicly there, hehe, failed, he still tries – hey Glyno, keep it up! – not your wanker, that never … ????) ..


And so I am.

Look, 500 pushups a day and keeping that up over the course of months, and years even is LEGENDARY status.

I dont care what else you can do fitness wise, ask the greats again here, 500 and beyond – I’m at 600 per day these days – is ACE status at pushups.

I’m still a ways behind 1500 pushups and 3000 situps a day. Hehe. We’ll see, Herschel! ????

Anyway – this he man is going to show you a different sort of pushup today on his youtube channel that I have never shown before – that is NOT mentioned in Pushup Central

And look, if YOU as a man want to be a real MAN, and be COUNTED – if YOU want to be called a he man by people that barely know you – if YOU want to look every bit as fit and STRONG as you are – well, you can’t get there by prancing around on Tiktok, social shedia – Shitter, and so forth …

… You can’t get there by faking rep counts and claiming you lift heavy when you dont, and you have to look halfway fit by the way for that to be believable (being a fat ass who keeps trying to adjust chin angles on everything, and so many guys take hours to figure out “the right angle” when I just take my photos and videos on the fly – is just pathetic. You cannot disguise a triple chin and bulging man boobs/stomach no matter what – *giggle* *so sheman like eh* ….

You can’t get there by pounding weights until the cows come home, you’ll get INJURED most likely.

And the proof’s indeed in the pudding there above.

Long story short, to be counted as a great, in the pantheon of long term greats, a TRUE HE MAN – well, if you ain’t squatting, you sure ain’t training.

And if you ain’t cranking out at least 500 pushups a day, you’re NOT on the road to greatness in any which way, shape or form.

Not that you HAVE to be, of course, 100 a day will do the average joe and jane just fine!

And thats that.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Lots of folks on the other business have mentioned my books there would make for great Holly wood movies.

Maybe someday, amigo. Maybe someday! Not a goal for now, but who am I, the movie star, to say NO to a one of a kind Hollywood blockbuster? ????????????Hehe….

PS #2 – Ive been seeing a lot of Indian ladies working out HARD on Twitter! And, “the she-hulk with the incredible BULK (I asked her to use that, haha)” is one of them. We’ll keep the cat MUM on WHO this person is for now. 😉

PPS – Be on the outlook for the special pushup that will TRULY make you com FULL circle, and no, it ain’t moving around in circles either.

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