Well, since Amazon “done did” saw fit to ban us … Hehe.
- Oddly enough, I bear no ill will towards them.

Oddly enough, I bear no ill will towards them.

No rants, no complaints (Well, some, but not many) – nothing at all.

It was meant to happen, and it did. My subconscious planned it, and it’s only getting BETTER as we speak – wow, wait. What do I mean?

Well, I recently woke up to my Amazon account being terminated “for having multiple accounts” – though they’ve been going for many years with no problems, those many years – most of them, at any rate – having different TAX entities behind the scenes (Amazon still ain’t clarified what exactly their policy about not having multiple accounts means – no multiple tax entities, or multiple individuals..or?)

This sort of thing isn’t new to me at all – with another KDP account I had for years, I was once suspended and why?

For a compilation of books – but the books themselves were fine, but not in digest format apparently!

Strange, and I never got a response from them on it. Ugh.

Now, the initial reaction from those I know, work with etc was “oh my god”.

To me?

It was “I always knew it could happen”.

It was “Thats a good thing!”

And three, one door closes, another opens – if you can spot it – in this case my subconscious mind done already opened it for me.

What do I mean?

Well, let me check my GREEN tea and then get back …

Ok, back -so first off an immensely popular book over here which was being narrated by a lovely lady – as soon as she accepted the narration “offer” – it set BELLS ringing.

For whatever reason (the book was on the other account) the book got flagged, other account got banned, then this account which we’ve never once had an issue with, not a single warning, nothing, nada, zilch, zip, got banned for “being related to the other account”.

And of course, their rote policy of Amazon KDP doesnt allow more than one account and such.

I really think someone somewhere was looking for an excuse to terminate the other account – hehe. Given both accounts have been doing very well for years, never a problem except the one I wrote about, given they knew very well of the multiple accounts issue since incorporation – something else is at play here.

Which basically as the little bird is tweeting outdoors as I write this, the Universe is speaking to me. And I’m listening – thank you!!!!!!!!

I’ve no idea why a book that has been going strong on Amazon for FIVE years, no less – would SUDDENLY get flagged and banned, but hey – whatever. They claimed the images in the book were porn, I told them erotica (the SSC kind between adults) is not porn, but of course, try beating your head againt a brick wall in that regard explaining all this to Amazon front line staff. Haha.

I asked them why a warning wasn’t issued at the very least.

No answer.

And no answer on many other things.

None of this of course is new for yours truly. I’ve long preached the virtues of your own site – your OWN EMAIL LIST – your own software, systems YOU can control – not relying completely on Amazon, Google etc (tis fine to use ’em, but …) as so many other people do.

“But it can’t happen to me”.

Oh yeah?

“Ah, that’ll never happen”


“They’re not going to suspend me, I’ve got XXXXXXX number of followers!”

Really?  They won’t? It wont happen?

Sure can, friend.

Think your cute little youtube account – your instagram – Twitter, even (trump anyone? OK he pushed the limits too far in a way, but really, taking a sitting US Pres down??) wont – or cant – or both – suffer the same fate?

Sure can, my friend, if you’re in business, its not “if” – it’s “when” it’ll happen, and if you have planned for backups, and backups upon backups and such.

Our insta got banned a couple of years ago for the other biz for one, I’ve known scores of people who were “living high on the hog” from their “million” followers on IG, then one fine day “account gone” – next thing you know these people are looking for a job …

And it’s happened to SEVERAL very well known people in business as well – years of doing biz with no problems, then one fine day an email comes to the order of “high risk business” or some crap, and bam – its gone, and these people have to rebuild from scratch.

Not if you’ve been working your own systems, site etc in the meanwhile. That means one thing – more sales for YOU – through YOUR site, which has always been my goal anyway.

Amazon’s the 800 lb Gorilla in the room in terms of paying customers, so (at least for the other biz) – it hurts more than a bit.

But I’ve taken temporary pain in my stride in the past and gone on to bigger and better, and here? The Amazon account wasn’t even the vast majority of sales, for this biz, all comes through my email list HERE (therefore the constant pruning of fools and idiots from it).

Onward – strangely enough or maybe not a few days before this happened we – on the fly, one of those thoughts – overhauled our ENTIRE newsletter system – and made it far more streamlined with lots more options – to cater to our exclusive email list here.

And so it shall be …

I’d rather you guys buy from our site direct, that allows me to serve you better

And as far as Amazon etc goes, it was great to spread the word etc, but at a certain point, you have to outgrow third party platforms, and this, like a certain Chey told me “is the Universe speaking to me” – and it is.

Of course, she didnt quite back up what she said about agreeing to go it on your own with action, but thats OK – she is young.

Like Madam Joyce told me, you have to give the young ones a chance!

And I always HAVE!


So what does this mean for you guys?

Nothing at all, my friend – business as usual, and more of it!

Keep buying from us from this site – and DO LEAVE REVIEWS via the download link you get in your email upon purchase – those really help, and you get an extra 10% off your next purchase – which I cannot do for you on Amazon!

Stay tuned for special offers etc – on this site, I Cannot do that on any other site!

And that, my friend is that.

Misfortune can indeed be a blessing in disguise, and thats THAT.

Talk soon! 😁


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – None of this, again, reflects negatively upon the very positive things I’ve said about Amazon in the past, and continue to. They’re right in a way, and I’m right in a way, its just one of those things that ultimately didnt work out due to whatever reason, and their robotic responses to this aside, I’m happy enough with the situation the way it is!

Onward- and UPWARD!

PS #2 – And since this is a huge issue – tons of folks getting their publisher accounts banned and such, for what it’s worth –

I truly believe Amazon being the smart company it is consciously made the decision to, at some point, “let the issue of the multiple accounts” (which given tax forms etc were issued on a yearly basis  – I know they “knew” about it – their systems are way too sophisticated in terms of letting something like this “slide”) “slide” for obvious reasons (completely different biz verticals).

However, the other account getting terminated probably flagged this one as being linked.

And bam, there it went as well with the rote “two accounts are against our policy – even though I’ve had them for years – many of those with the same tax ID, some with different, depending on different business setups at various times”.

Ah well. Words to the wise and all that …

Not to mention Amazon – many of its biz verticals are on a downward trajectory, I predict about 5 more years before shit hits the fan. Bezos has been saying it since 2019 anyway … from a visionary who invested in Google before it even expanded out of it’s garage and with that investment today likely (not spoken about much, but it;s there!) being worth literally billions – from a man like that, you better believe it.

No company is too big to fail.

Amazon done failed  in China because they couldn’t – or didnt want to – adapt.

Russia – they were never there.

And they have been having a tough time in India for ages …

Thats two of the world’s biggest markets plus a sizeable country there ..

No company’s too big to fail, my friend.

Stop listening to customers, stop being the nimble and agile entity that caused success to sprout in the first place, and that success sprouts WINGS and flies elsewhere.

Its happened to tons of huge companies – it will and is happenign to Amazon right now.

Despite all the great things they’ve done – anyway Bezos made this very interesting comment about “the only businesses surviving for a hundred years or more – breweries!”

(most big companies, if you take a look, Ford etc being exceptions – survive for no more than 30 years give or take at their dominant levels).

Hell yeah.

Ive said it too.

People need their drink.

Slow down or not, in fact even more so during slowdown, people need their drink – speakeasies or not. Hehe. Some things are golden and never change! 🙂