What kept me going during my 200-100 squat workout
- That IMAGE you have in mind.

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What is it you TRULY want, my friend – often without even knowing it?

We all have vibes – good, bad, ugly, in between, but a lot of us dont even know our inner “us”.

Trust me, results count and show.

If all you’re attracting in your life (results wise if all thats-  lets use the term happening) is LACK – or frustration – or overall “despondency” and you have to measure up – man up – HONESTLY “long term” wise – then chances are excellent and second to none, and none wasn’t even in town, that THAT is what you really want, but you dont know it.

Sounds incredible I know. But it’s true.

Likewise for positive results. And abundance.

IT doesnt just start with thinking.

It starts and ends with feeling. Vibes, you can never fake’em. You can never fool the Universe!

This afternoon, I planned on a quick 200 squat workout, which I just did.

What kept me going was not what most of you would think – haha.

Often times while training I think goals.

Today I Was thinking a lovely lady – a WEIGHT lifter of all things with arms probably huger than mine, haha – with the perfect mix of feminine – and STRONG!

She’s got the vibe. More than the look, the vibe.

And she’s the one I wrote about in terms of rest days etc before, now I’m not going to say what her image was doing in my mind, but one of those things was inspiring in a very sexy manner indeed.

The other was telling me “keep going” – super sore though I am.

Kept going I did.


My point is this, when you train, where are your thoughts?

If they’re scattered, all of the place, no goal in mind, no PURPOSE for your training, not “in your muscles” as you train- then you’re wasting your time.

If you’re not focusing on your breath along with other things, you might as well not train.

Take a long look at your results too, and if you’re not getting the results you want from your training, the above might be one reason.

Affix an image – a purpose in your mind – for not just training – for everything, all you do in life, and make it something that really, truly FIRES you up, means something to you.

Napoleon Hill gives plenty of examples in Think and Grow Rich in the chapter on sexual transmutation which most people just dont get.

Yet, he’s spot on.

The presence of a beautiful woman, for one, has been the genesis for a many a successful man’s widely successful biz plans …

Same thing holds true training wise.

Affix a picture of a FIT you – the you you REALLY want – lean, mean, corrugated, not the BS gyms feed you about “its ok to be big” when you’re really PHAT …

And keep that image in mind as you train.

Life wise, when you work – keep an IMAGE in your mind in front of you as you do so – which gives you purpose + feeling embedded into that work.

Do this regularly, and you can’t go wrong, simple as that – and your results in all spheres will truly show and count long term.

This little nugget here is something the affirmation so called gurus will never tell you, but it’s worth more than ALL else they tell you.

More golden nuggets of wisdom – real world, practical at that – here – Zero to HERO! 

And train hard!

Squat 101. 


Rahul Mookerjee

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