Yet another SUPERLATIVE heart felt review from David Quiros on Squat 101 – the TIPS!
- Lets do something different!

Let’s do something DIFFERENT HERE, my friend!

We’ll do up a VIDEO review this time for Squat 101 – the TIPS – which David Quiros sent in as a “retail audio sample” for the soon to be released audiobook – here it is!

And that is so heartfelt – along with the superlative, excellent, and SOLID job he does – even when he “segues” into the part about the subconscious mind in his audio – all of it just hits home so well!

Be on the outlook for the audiobook for this – it will truly ROCK your world (fitness world, and others too) in ways you’ve NEVER imagined or thought of before, and you’ll get yourself into the best shape of your life NIGH QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Further – for now, pick up Squat 101 – the AUDIOBOOK -narrated by David – and along with that, Pushup Central too – – some great, great work out there my friend – waiting for YOU!

And of course, for the regular books and products (paperback, digital etc) – ya know where to go!

See you ABOARD – AHOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And remember.

If you ain’t squatting?

THEN YOU AIN’T TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rahul Mookerjee

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