It doesnt ALWAYS HAVE to be super high reps, my friend.
- More on workouts throughout the day

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And more on workouts throughout the day.

This morning, I was doing my usual – thinking, pacing, more pacing, isometrics for the legs (the Rahul Mookerjee patented squat) as I thought, a few squats here and there, and so forth.

While David Quiros is going to mention a very salient benefit of bodyweight workouts in his upcoming review for Squat 101 – the TIPS! – one being he learned there isn’t any need for warmups with bodyweight workouts … sometimes, you’re a bit stiff, sore, and if you want to “warm up” – the best thing to do is this – remove rep counts from your mind altogether, and just begin DOING the thing.

Odd things happen when you START, friend.

Ideas flow, both fitness wise and writing wise.

And while I normally do my pushups all 500 at a go, over the past three days, my CNS has been burnt out.

Yesterday I did squats and isometrics.

(mainly the splits).

Today, although I feel much better, muscles growing etc (the “feeling”, not the look) – the idea of pumping out 500 at a time – nah.

I dropped down, did … get this. ONE pushup.

Yes, right.


I did that in PERFECT Form, really SQUEEZING everything isometrically as I did so – making sure to minimize MOTION as I always do – even more so.

Most of all, my focus was on my BREATHING.


Inhale down, exhale up.

A short while later, I did FIVE fingertip pushups.

I repeated this process with sets of 10.

Now lots of folks ask me if I count these in my rep counts – it depends.

IF I’m just loosening up, no.

But these are proper, nigh proper pushups – and they not only get the “oil flowing” tendon wise, but they also build lots of health and strength due to the right form and breathing.

So long story short, I’m 30 in already.

I dont even know how many reps I’ll do. (in all).

I do know I’m feeling great, and that CNS has almost bounced back so I have to be careful about not overtaxing it (dont confuse this with being a lazy ass, by the way).

Moral of the story – do something – anything – even if it “seems” too less.

Find a way to squeeze the max out of each rep, each exercise.

Dont get overly caught up on numbers. 10 can be a magic number, as I state in Fast and Furious Fitness, I can make 10 pushups harder than a 100.

VARIETY is key – Pushup Central. 

And that, my friend is that.

Find a way that works for you, mesh it in with what has worked for folks over the ages – and you’re golden.

And our products pave the WAY for you!

Get you some NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

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