Rising above circumstance, and I couldn’t sleep worth a damn last night, and …
- more!

For the past couple of days, I’ve been exhausted, and not hitting my 500 pushup workouts as I do daily otherwise.

Now, as I’ve written to you about – this doesnt mean I am slacking.

There are many ways of getting her done.

But 500 pushups is 500 pushups – those that do it regularly know what I mean – as is anything above and beyond regularly.

And I was tossing, turning, last night – all in all, the whole night, I was thinking getting back to workout!

Sound familiar?


If you’re a doer it will.

This morning, I pumped out squats and pushups before anything else, and 10 pull-ups, but this thought struck me while doing pushups – – this imbroglio we’ve got with Amazon right now – which to be honest for this business isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I’d still like the account back up – wasn’t my fault to begin with!

Something fishy at work there…

Or play!

On that note, it’s been a huge blow to the other business, but hey – for reasons mentioned above, we’ll live.

Now, a point I did not make to Amazon as yet is – and this holds especially true for the other business, in fact, its APPLICABLE to the other business – is this – the “minorities and under represented segments of the population” crap.

Some people write back telling me they feel “uncomfortable” reading my books (though none dispute the value of the teachings) because – and I’ll quote –

There are comments intended to be humorous but in this ultra-sensitive environment (especially in the U.S.) these comments may be seen as misogynistic, transphobic, fatphobic and derogatory humor towards people with disabilities.

Or, more … I’ve spoken about it before.

Thats the price one pays for being brutally honest – none of these people saying what I’m saying is WRONG or factually incorrect, just the usual politically correct BS I refuse to adhere, the goose and gander I refuse to let go of, and so forth.

It’s not ok to say Merry Christmas, but other religions – all good – wtf?

Just one shining example from a man that has never been religious or believed in the crap his entire life. Truly the opium of the masses, I’d rather mine be pushups and beer. Hehe.

Again, they dont dispute the VALUE of the books …

From that same email –

By the way your advice to do squats to heal faster by boosting blood circulation worked, the “explosive knees to chest squats” are my favorite and were the ones I wanted to do the short video on…

So a lot of folks basically privately agree with me, these same folks dont necessarily want to say that PUBLICLY THOUGH … and would rather my info (most valuable!) be packaged “differently”.

Unfortuntely, it wont.

Being brutally honest and politically incorrect has always been part of who I am – my journey, chances are I would NOT have learned all I have if I wasn’t this way, chances are I would not be able to bring it to YOU either.

Now, I dont care about the loss of biz etc from being brutally honest – I dont care how many people jump ship etc – I’ve always been upfront about that, and have stated why too.

But point is this – the other business, that caters almost exclusively to this “under represented” group.

LGBTQ, gay folks, minorities – its a HUGE market, folks.

And thats what the erotica side of things caters to, except …

…. it’s not just them.

We ALL have those hidden desires and thoughts, we all have a second side to us most never acknowlege and are scared to, even to ourselves “what will they think”.

I could probably make that point to Amazon, stressing the “minority” crap. Hey, technically I’m one too Amazon …

.. .but you know what?

Despite scores of people telling me that though I dont believe in race discrimination and this crap about “minorities being underrepresented” and so forth (maybe back in the Jim Crow era, certainly NOT now) – I should get “benefit” from the trend anyway.

Maybe I could, even for this biz.

But you know what?

I wont.

I dont care, to me the main thing has always been being true to myself, living with myself.

I could never look myself in the mirror right if I pulled that sort of crap, regardless of the benefits, and I wont.

That doesn’t of course mean I wont make the point LOGICALLY to Amazon.

Not that I care two hoots about it in the long term, like I said Amazon doesnt even make up most of the sales for THIS business, but just putting it out there…

End of the day, it’s about being true to yourself, fella.

“Fang”, a Chinese guy in the US once urged me to “get US citizenship” by marrying my girlfriend at the time.

“You dont know how lucky you are”, he kept moaning. “So many Chinese would kill for the opportunity!”

Yes to the latter.

No to the former, we make our own damned luck.

Herschel Walker didnt bitch about civil rights and other crap – he just went out and did it day after day, month after month, year after year – and the results are there for all to see.

Ditto for Iron Mike and a host of other illuminaries I write about.

We can’t control circumstances, but we can RISE above them.

Some may have a tougher journey than the rest, but the rewards loom greater too at the end of it. Bottom line, and a fact no-one can argue with (though you could try).

We can’t control situations sometimes – but we can control our REACTION to them.

Be true to yourself.

Do the thing.

Stop making excuses.

Rise up – and ABOVE. We can all do that, friend  in our own ways.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – What – no sales pitch? Here is one now … take our pick!