Pistol squats, high reps plus low reps … and more!
- My workout today

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I’ve always wondered why one legged squats are commonly called “pistol squats” – OK, the shape your body makes, but what about one arm pushups?

Maybe the angle – Haha.

But either way, nomenclature has never been big for me – this afternoon was another “low rep”workout – with super low reps – 20 pull-ups (ok, maybe 25) – and 20 handstand pushups – a LONG stretching session – and lots of isometrics and static pauses.

The only high rep workout I did was 2 sets of 100 “ass to grass” squats – on both legs, even there, the speed was moderate – what I focused upon was perfect form and BREATHING.

I cannot emphasize this enough – deep breathing, my friend!

You exhale with every “downward” motion on the squat, inhale up – it’s reverse on the regular pushups – pull-ups, you exhale up – inhale down.

Think of it as the “compression” motion = exhale, and the reverse i.e. elongation (Glyn’s wanker fetishes aside, lol) – “inhale”, and you’ll get the picture for most exercises.

Isometrics, it’s different, you have to breathe “steadily and continually” depending upon which movement you’re doing, but either way, your breath, my friend, is truly the most important part of your workout – followed by form.

Reps are important, yes, but not near as much as many folks make ’em out to be.

Examples of isometrics I did for my legs today – the “horse” stance – and several other “mid squat” stances held for at least 60 seconds each.

Then the wall chair without a wall.

Some calf work, and the splits of course – but pistol squats, you ask?

I have not done these in ages my friend.

And I was keen to see if I could still do ’em, and right leg, I drop down – presto – 70% there.

Thats the power high rep REGULAR squatting workouts build, and the tendon and thigh (and hip/ass) strength they build.

Pistols are HEAVY on the hips and ass if done right, my friend – or glutes for you politically correct folks out there (ugh).

And form is paramount, as with the one arm pushup.

I’ll cover form etc later, videos too on it later – but for now, it’s a precursor to books on one arm (or limb) work, which I have not put out as yet, but will soon.

Last, but not least – I did 10 reps per leg on the pistol squat x 3. Thats all.

And I felt it!

Handstand pushups were done SLOWLY, feeling the lats every step of the way – ditto for grip and lats with pull-ups.

And I feel GREAT!

And that, my friend is the way to live – regular hard workouts that dont take forever and a day to do.

Stuff you can throw in during the day.

If you’re fatigued from high rep workouts the previous day, then you do low rep PLUS tough movements, and you’ll shed fat – big time – and get STRONGER Too – the videos on vascularity being but one “proofs in the pudding” as it were.

And that, friend is that.

Building a base is of course the most important for any sort of fitness.

And the best, by far system out there that shows you exactly what to do, how to do it, how often and answers just about every training question you might have ever had and will ever have “under the sun” is, well, the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Get this now, and get cranking!


Rahul Mookerjee

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