Why I play to WIN.
- And always will.

Long term that is, and following on from what I wrote yesterday about making yourself indestructible.. (that email caused a lot of idiots, morons, and flakes to unsubscribe) …

… “There’s no second best. Second – SUCKS”.

  • Bull Hearley, Over the top.

… Your BEST? Losers whine about their best. Winners go home and **** the Prom Queen!

(that was the great Sean connery in “The Rock” taunting Nicholas Cage to “grow a pair” – hehe – when he was whining about doing his best).

(apparently Cage did ultimately eff the prom queen, but thats a different story!)

And so on and so forth, I could tell you many tales like this, the one that most comes to mind is something I’ve thought about a lot.

In a fight between Herschel Walker and Iron Mike – just who would WIN?

Brawl of the legends!

Turns out I ain’t the only one thinking about it …

Turns out Walker already thought about it years ago.

As he said “I think I could beat him”.

Remember this was when Walker was a star football player yes, but not much else (though thats plenty!) …

That CONFIDENCE in himself he had – at  a time Iron Mike was killin the boxing world – that spoke volumes, and folks remember it till this day.

I love both of these guys, now if you were to ask me, in the ring I’d give it to Tyson even at his age, but other than that I’d say Walker hands down (though of course there are many other variables – all things being equal that is).

Both legends to me, tip of the hat to BOTH – but if I had to really choose one, I’d go for Walker, but it’s a very tough choice, one I would NOT want to make!

Anyway …

It is why I’m writing this email (in part) to explain my philosophies again.

Training wise, life wise, career wise – I dont play to lose or settle.

I play to WIN.

No matter what the cost be.

There has been and will continue to be tremendous collateral damage, often times at huge so called “costs” to me as I keep playing this way, and I know it – realize it – and accept it gladly.

End of the day, I dont want to be remembered as a whiny wimp whining about getting injured, doing their best, sitting in some cube their whole life wishing “oh, I wish I had that freedom”, not having money ever, and so forth or depending on wives/significant others, or having to scam old women like Bozo Schofield – you get the picture, the list goes on.

I play to win, friend.

That philosophy exudes through to my list as well.

And here’s a note I should have added yesterday.

Although the recent culls on the list have removed a lot of non doers, “sitting on the wall” sorts that continue to be Humpty Dumpty, the fact is this – some of you have signed BACK UP sneakily.

I’ve noticed this.

And while I’m not removing you for now, I will if you continue to be a bump on a log, and the next time you ain’t returning, because the software will not just remove you, but BLOCK you from resigning up.

Let that be a warning to all the do nothing’s out there, the “postpone purchase” sorts, and so forth …

And this philosophy, and results like you’ve never dreamt of before are there in each and every one of my products, all my writing, anything I say, do, think and so forth.

It always has been, it always will be, if you ain’t on board, tough.

And thats that, friend.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Play to WIN! There’s no point otherwise, no-one remembers the hordes and second bests in life. Fact.

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