More on Manifestation …
- ... Yes, it's a thing.

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Yes, as I’ve said before, it’s a thing.

Yes, it happens.

Yes, your WILDEST dreams and fantasies DO come true – albeit maybe not always at the timeframe you set for them … (“rushing” things in itself is a huge mistake most folks make – and one the so called “gurus” out there never bother to correct – so they can keep making their money off the “herd”).

My manifestation, my friend, is accomplished in the POLAR opposite manner of what most so called gurus advocate.

I also get far better results – including, but not limited to-

Making SALES – on auto pilot – bigger amounts than I’ve ever made. (without “working harder” for it).

Thinking of what I want to eat – and then getting it – on auto pilot – without doing a thing extra other than the thinking (no, I’m not referring to the cooking part here).

(Lets assume you were getting X, but you wanted X And Y, and then … you got offered just that).

Thinking someone will ask me for something – or show up at my doorstep – and have that happen – like clockwork, almost on schedule …

Thinking the phone will ring – and it DOES.

Looking at myself in the mirror daily, getting better and better with (so called) age – as most wither around me, get fat, and so forth – now granted I work out HARD, but it isn’t so much what I do as HOW I do it.

Claude Bristol writes about folks finding “bundles of money” by the wayside “using this mind stuff” in the Magic of Believing. He writes about some things that aided HIM in making the massive fortune he eventually did.

He talks about many practical things, and I’ve advocated this book so often to folks that I sound like a stuck record – and yet, the teachings in that book, as most of MINE – are immortal.

You cannot digest the book in one sitting, it will take you YEARS in many cases to truly understand the meaning of what is being taught. The true student will read, re-read, apply to their own lives, modify, and so forth …

Now, just so you know – none of this involves the following –

Thinking “I deserve it” so I should get it

Thinking “think and it will happen” (just think)

“Spreading good vibes” (thats part of it yes, but most people do it WRONG) 

Religious tosh, wearing beads, chains, amulets etc … 

None of that, my friend. (and none of the nonsense most self help gurus advocate about saying “I am this, I am that”).

It ain’t about spending money you dont have and think “more will come to me” – NO.

Most of my magic is accomplished without saying a word, but with deep THOUGHT. The same way I explain in the book on defeating Nazi feminism

Although hard work is part of it – it certainly isnt the whole picture either. If it was, well, the world’s laborers would all be millionaires…

And it’s literally scary – jn a good way at a times, as I unconsciously, yet consciously (there is always a reason for me saying anything) said to the wife the other day when she was asking for something I had predicted she would days in advance with no real reason …

“Now THATS manifestation – truly”.

Hehe. It is!

And these principles, my friend, are laid out for you in Zero to Hero! – from someone that has been there, done that – and continues to do so.

From someone that has seen the giddy highs and extreme lows, and probably will in the future too …

… You’ll want to grab the VIDEOS for that above product too – those are the real icing on the cake.

And remember, everything works as well today as it did years ago. No, the economy, or state of the moon, or religious BS has got nothing at all to do with it.

These principles work for ANY goal you set your mind to – fitness, women, money, spiritual development – all of it.

And the proof, my friend is nigh in front of you (yours truly).

The teacher is truly here, my friend, and the student shall appear soon too.

Back soon!

Best ,

Rahul Mookerjee

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