When did inflating rep counts become “kosher”?
- GROSSLY inflating in some cases...

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I keep seeing folks do this – and along with the preening, pumping and posing “bicep poses” that a lot of idiots like to preen on with “the bigger the stronger” (which in itself is one of the dumbest things one could say – strength has very little to do with size in actuality) … this is a pet peeve of mine.

It should be for YOU too, my friend.

Now, what do I mean?

Take for example, this

Mark Zuckerberg has certainly been hitting the gym: last week the Facebook founder marked Memorial Day by doing “the Murph Challenge”, an intense workout that involves putting on a 20lbs vest and doing 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats and a mile-long run. He did it in just under 40 minutes, an elite time. A couple of weeks before boasting about his Murph time, Zuckerberg revealed that he had won gold and silver in a Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament. Apparently he got into jiu-jitsu during the pandemic, while us lesser mortals were baking bread and bingeing Netflix.

From Buff billionaires are latest sign that bulk is now beautiful for male body image | Arwa Mahdawi | The Guardian

Now, I’ve no doubt he might have TRIED ji jitsu, but somehow looking at Zuckerberg, winning gold and silver – unless the competition was close to zero – doesn’t sound plausible to me – does it to you?

More to the point, and this I CAN say definitively – what he posted – or the article – is utter tosh.

100 pushups done right and most do them WRONG – jerky pushups and such – terrible half reps – takes a minimum of 8-10 minutes. Thats If you’re going at a good clip, in good form, which in itself is tough enough, and if you double that – with little rest – you’ll slow down.

That becomes a BARE minimum of 20 minutes.

Squats, even without weight – 100 takes you around 2.5 minutes IF you’re doing it right, proper form , and 8 minutes is the bare minimum for 300, most dont manage that.

So thats around 20-25 minutes right there – I’m accounting for SOME rest, especially considering he’s doing ’em with weight on his back.

Next, you have 100 pull-ups.

I’ve never met anyone, myself included – that could do them all in one set.

Perhaps David Goggins…

But very few others.

And somehow I dont see Zuckerbeg knocking out sets of 10x 10 either – do YOU?

In proper form …

I’ve no doubt he can finish tough workouts in less than 40 minutes (remember, the above had a RUN too) … but these numbers are likely inflated.

Folks love to “wax lyrical” about the great Gama who did tons of pushups and squats daily, yet, 5000 of each daily – plus all the wrestling he did – plus all the pulling work – plus all the mud work – plus the ropes, clubs, et al – all of this daily is unbelievable even for a phenom like that who reputedly ate upwards of 5kgs of meat per sitting (in itself a feat!)

Then you have the average lazy fat slobs who couldn’t do 20 squats correctly, are too fat to do a dead hang for any length of time, yet they prattle on all sorts, shapes, and forms of social shedia about being able to do “long workouts” and boasting about rep counts etc when you take one look at the fat – or flatulence – or both – or bulging gut – and you can tell they do exactly “F all”.

True, looks aren’t always an indicator of what you can do, neither is size or lack thereof, but lack of conditioning and excess fat always shows up – either around your waist, or in terms of long term injuries which never quite go away …


Point of all this is simple – keep it SANE, my friend.

Don’t inflate rep counts to make it look better, or for ego. Its far better to do less, but more INTENSELY.

And thats the moral of the day.

NOWEHERE in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, which has been universally acclaimed, accepted and acknowledged as one of the best and most (quickest) results producing fitness system out there do I overly stress on how many reps you can or should do.

NOWEHERE in Pushup Central do I do that.

I tell you how long things should take yes, but thats about it.

Other than that, focus on form – breathing – and RYTHM – and mindset, my friend.

Arm yourself with that mindset, you’ll go far, and can’t miss…


Rahul Mookerjee

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