Some things are just unacceptable…
- ... to me, at least.

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Anne, an … well, before I start this one – disclaimer. I thought long and hard about how to fit it into this site from a fitness standpoint – couldn’t – decided not to post it – but then rather than have it jump around in my head, I wanted to get it out of my mind – and share with the list.

For whatever it’s worth, brickbats or bouquets, you decide.

In 2016, I was in one of those “hot” relationships with a lovely Chinese girl Anne – a girl that by all accounts was “entranced” when she heard the foreigner speak – and though he didnt quite sing ballads to her as she requested, she was pretty much “hooked and booked” from the day she met me.

Cute as heck, I Still remember her showing up at China Mobile once when I had trouble with them changing my then 2G SIm card to 4G (mostly all miscommunication and bureaucracy which was pissing me off) …

It proceeded at break neck speed, and the first night I was with her – I was “shocked” to see something on her mantelpiece – but that shock was followed by a “this is China” realization.

It was a black teddy bear in the shape of a monkey – an oddly shaped monkey actually … cuddly sort, all of that would be fine except it had the US flag on it, and “Obama” written on it.

Now, I’m sure loads of folks will jump up and down and say “he’s full of shit”.

No I’m not.

I still have that damn picture floating about somewhere …

And it’s probably still there on taobao or jingdong or whichever China site you choose to look on (not sure about Alibaba).

I confronted her about it, knowing it would be futile.

Thats just unacceptable, Anne, I told her. I was supposed to be her teacher, so I tried to stay in teaching mode.

Of course, the Chinese have a different definition of racism than we do, and she looked at me, surprised, and it was genuine surprise.

“It’s not racist!”

“It’s just what is!”

And so strong was the conviction in her words, and if a black person would have been there, they would have been stumped because there was literally no malicious vibe there – yet, something like that to us is deeply offensive, yet, after years spent in China, I got it – and didnt debate it further.

Ugh, I thought internally.

Now, Anne’s a great girl overall and otherwise, and obviously not “racist” if she’s with me… She’s helped me out of a tight spot many a times before, and she was nothing if not overly nice and kind to me (plus a great solid cook) – and if it hadn’t been for a complete lack of real communication between us, who knows where that one might have gone (dont get me started – hehe).

But thats China, my friend – TIC – something a lot of the liberals dont get – while jumping up and down about racism in their own country and pride movements and such (funnily enough these same large companies that extol the virtues of “pride” in the USA – when they go abroad, Middle East being a case in point – they are SILENT on “pride”, not a peep from them on it – hypocrisy, anyone??) (or, doing what it takes to get the $$?) … they ignore the fact it’s well and present in many of the countries they extol the virtues of.

Russia, Australia, and a lot of other countries slammed for racism have FAR less racism embedded into them systemically than in China.

In China it’s so deep rooted they dont even call it racism …

(and when I called it out, it was always “but you’re not black”. OK, but I’m not white, I’m not Chinese despite a lot of the chinese thinking I’m Chinese, and … well, I’m basically as I told a certain “TEMB” – him of the floor humper pushup, hehe – who sent me a show where people were debating if Indians were black – a “Heinz 57” if ya’ll know what that is – but try explaining logic to the Chinese in general, and you’ll quickly realize its a losing battle).

And no, I’m not and never was and never will be an Obama supporter – and it ain’t got nothing to do with his skin color either. I was never much for liberal hypocrisy and their nigh stupid economic policies – ok, maybe Clinton’s BJ policies made sense at the time, LOL – but thats about it!

Hillary Clinton – UGH.

And I say that because of Benghazi … but anyway, point being this isn’t about politics.

It’s about this – regardless of which side of the political spectrum you’re on, some things just aren’t acceptable.

The recent gun violence in Virginia – just another example of not acceptable, regardless of which side of the gun debate you stand on (I happen to stand on the side of firmly supporting the right to bear firearms though I’m not sure about automatic/military grade rifles and such, and why it makes sense to sell those with minimal background checks but thats a slippery slope, take one right away, the rest follow…)


I dont know why that memory hit me in the middle of the shower, and I hesitated to share it with you guys – but its out now.

I can’t keep a damn thing secret from my list. Hehe.

Fitness wise, some great, and very inspirational memories here – you’ll want to pick it up NOW along with the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

And that that – back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The above products are NOT for “typical Tom Tom’s”. ’nuff said, hehe. Yes I kinda miss the Bozo, hehe.

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