The real rest of flexibility.
- Hamstrings, or any other.

Over the past few days something has happened that’s nigh amazed me, friend.


I’m able to get into the splits with ease – without a lot of stretching like i did before. Ditto for a lot of the hamstring stretches that I did forever and a day, could do with lengthy stretching but never without.

I’m not discounting the value of lengthy stretching – not at all. Should be done post workout which alone is a mind bender for most…

But , the true test of if your muscles are finally starting to loosen up big time is if you can get in those positions without strain, on auto pilot almost.

I’m by no means perfect. My hamstrings still have a world to go,but they’ve gone a fair bit too.

So can yours, my friend – or whatever part of your body is inflexible.

Learn the REAL secrets to flexibility in my book here. Hint – none involve straining.

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Rahul Mookerjee