More on why I dont tolerate RULE BREAKERS
- And bar them from coming back.

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When I first started out in business, one of the mistakes I made was this – allowing folks to “come back” – after they willingly and knowingly transgressed, or broke a rule.

These people will almost always reply back to you after you remove them with X number of “reasons”, excuses, and other “justifications” for why they broke the rule – which they shouldn’t have in the first place (ie ASK when in doubt before you act, if you act FIRST, then bear the consequences).

Society in general has gotten way too entitled. Just read about the Instagram saga – apparently their network actively promotes paedophiles like Glyn (which is no wonder he’s been scouring my profile on there and putting pictures of me on FB groups with pictures of other peoples kids – ugh – what an ass clown this guy is, replete with “western sounding names”).

Of course, only a fool would look at the picture and the name and not understand someone has plagarized from here – and people getting back to me have said just that “someone’s stealing your pictures”.

Glyn Bozo is indeed a nutcase for the ages. Ugh again.

But anyway – I’ve been reading about some loon “Mizzy” who achieved his two minutes worth of social media fame and xxxxxxxxxxx number of followers by looting and in general creating chaos in department stores in broad daylight.

Again, Google’s your friend, I’m not going to post links for either one of the two things above here – but really, what sort of society are we moving towards when there’s no consequence for anything, and when no-one takes responsibility for their actions, and when Suckerberg and others belonging to the big three actively promote horrible things that in my view should have NO mercy shown?


Say what you like about Elon Musk, and I dont agree with all he says or does, but business wise dude’s got it spot on, twitter’s a hell of a lot better now under him than a while ago.

Anyway …

This morning a girl Helen got back to me after breaking a rule in my group – again.

She was one of the rare cases I allowed back in the first time after she broke a rule …

Very rare cases, and even then – I was proven wrong later (as well as her friends doing the exact same thing).

And this morning she sent me messages “arguing about it”.

Look, it’s one thing if there’s some ambiguity in the situation – there was the first time, so she was allowed back – but even then, these rule breakers always transgress, push the lines again.

The Ship membership is another excellent example.

Some people fail to renew on time, and then get back with all sorts of excuses about why and guess what – they aren’t allowed back – which they whine about too.

Fine and dandy, but I want doers in my groups – and life – not excuse makers.

I dont want people who excuse other people’s tardiness – I see way too much of that around me in my daily life (a certain “family members” who excuses any and all tardiness from anyone with the justification “oh their salary is so low” (when it isn’t)).

And the Ship, my friend, with all its benefits is for the elitest of the elite.

I certainly dont want this sort of energy to pollute it.

And thats why.

To receive unparalled benefits from a fitness standpoint, information you’ve never heard or seen of before presented in a manner only yours truly can – and to get into the best shape of your life x 100 – sign up here.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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