Estabilished rules that don’t always work
- There's lots of them.

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I was watching Creed 3 the other night, and takeaways – when the little girl (Creed) was getting bullied, she wasn’t content to just stand down and let it happen. She fought against the much bigger bully – and typically the school called the parents in to whine about how “your daughter is too violent” or some such shit.

Reminds me of the instance mentioned in the opening parts of KIddie Fitness – where the bully slapped my daughter for no reason – with his dad “a deaf mute” pretty much just observing the mess. Ugh.

I remained calm, standing behind my daugher, the colossus as always.

“Hit him BACK!”

The tone brooked NO argument.

She just did it.

He bawled like a truck ran at/over him, and that was THAT.

In the movie Creed attempts to explain to his wife that “talking about things” doesnt always work – sometimes a punch to the noggin or face is what works, and I tend to agree big time (when it comes to bullies), though as I was telling my daughter at lunch today, violence is not the solution to everything.

Anyway they show little girl boxing her Dad at the end of the movie, and the champ getting knocked out with one “blow”. I loved that part. So sage.

Moms rant at their sons, daughters, fathers occasionally at sons, but the father -daughter relationship if done right – rarely if ever does the father do anything but LISTEN like a mouse with his little girl. So it should be! Hehe. (and that could be anyone, any father, any station in life).

Even the patriarchal sorts in certain parts of the world …

But anyway, it got around to food, an area where the wife said some sensible things indeed, including, but not limited to railing against “Granny” stuffing granddaughter with junk food all day.

Proof’s in the pudding, daughter’s already in much better shape than  a few months back – granted, swimming etc helps too.

But anyway – the one thing she said, and for once i was smart enough to nod my head and not argue “I just live here, the women rule the roost – lol” …

“If someone eats breakfast, they eat all meals of the day WELL after that, if not, they eat nothing right”.

I was SO tempted to argue – with results, but I didnt.

But this thinking is part of many other “so called truisms” which most people will never stop believing, and thats fine …

In the 0 Excuses Fitness System, yours truly gives you the Simple and Effective Diet GRATIS.

And a key reason behind and I mention this and how in the book the fitness success, weight loss and muscle building of legends like Herschel Walker and many others – LESS food, not more.

I’ve said this so often – most people need to eat less, not more.

And eat less OFTEN, and especially breakfast.

When I eat a heavy or any breakfast, I feel sluggish the entire day.

Even if I have a solid workout afterwards – I never got the same benefits from workouts done post eating than on an empty stomach.

Why – well, I truly believe your body has to ADAPT on an empty stomach and the way it does that – burn fat, and build muscle or strengthen what is already there, as opposed to “run off carbs” which most so called experts claim is the best way.

It ain’t either.

More such myths busted in the Simple and Effective Diet, and some SECRETS revealed which are so obvious they stare you in the face yet most people dont notice it…

Fitness wise same thing.

It ain’t how long you train.

It ain’t just how many reps.

All those things matter yes.

But its QUALITY that counts most not quantity – along with deep breathing.

Ah, them myths, so many of them, but I felt compelled to dispel this one yet again.

I have.

So I’m out – but wait, before that – the Ship membership is something EVERY serious fitness trainee simply cannot ignore my friend, if you ignore the manifold benefits of this one, you’re a fool and thats all I got to say about that.

And thats that, friend.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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