The best part of my days these days.
- Contrary to what most people would think ...

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Sure, working out – especially first thing in the morning though I hate the 530 AM wakeups – thats one of the best times of the day for me.

My times “drinking Corona” – either myself or with friends (though I rarely drink with others these days except close pals) … yes, that qualifies.

But most of all, and I wrote about this today on Twitter, it’s my “me time” waking up first thing in the morning.

No matter what happens in life, no matter how many times Trump is arraigned (hehe) – no matter how the world is going to hell in a henbasket – or not – news – shnews – everything else – I block it out.

Sometimes I’ll check the phone if I have to, most of the time, not even that.

Not even checking sales etc.

It’s just me in a dark, cool room – Ac or not – MEDITATING in my special style that I have never mentioned on here and probably never will (and no, it does not involve sitting in the lotus pose or any other mentioned in Isometric and Flexibility Training).

My father once made the comment to my aunt about “I need 45 minutes after I return home from work, after that – I can handle anything, but those 45 minutes – I need them!”

Father and myself dont get along, and thats a well publicized fact, but his statement rings true.

Uncle Bob back in the day “I do things upon waking up”

And sipping that hot tea, just staring into space, letting a fresh mind meditate, just think of nothing at all .. I could do that for literally HOURS.

I remember an old client once telling me “my tea got cold responding to your emails”. Hehe.

Thats happened to me too!

I try and not let it happen, but key here – this.

I’ve said this so often I sound like a stuck record, but it’s true.

Not mentioned explicitly in the tips in Zero to Hero! – but it’s there indirectly if you look for it, and it’s this – regardles of WHAT goal you are pursuing – keep at least the first hour of the day for yourself, uninterrupted, FREE from anything else.

All else can wait.

If you can get some writing in (if thats your goal) or workouts (if thats your goal) then even better.

But that me time is the most important, regardless of what you DO in it – the thoughts that flow through your mind, fresh brain, the dreams of the night before, analzying them which I Do all the time, and plans popping into your head for making money, solving problems …

I’d be lying if I told you 99 % of my success at what I do did NOT come indirectly from this one rule.

And when you apply it to your life, you’ll see what I mean too.

Carve some time out in your own mind for yourself, friend.

A calm mind works wonders.

And thats the lesson for now.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Off for my workout soon, another me time! Yaya.

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