Why I’ve got no sympathy for these faggotty sorts whining about harassment and defiling public institutions etc.. (anywhere in the world)
- I really dont.

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These idiots – ugh.

I got an email the other day (predictably one amongst quite a few) about my post on what happened in the white house  … (on that note, I researched just how it came to be called that – might be interesting reading for the some of the lunatics that keep whining about so called percieved racism that doesn’t much exist these days) …

The person whined mostly about how “I didnt understand how oppressed “in reality” minorities are”. Of course, my own so called minority status seems to have flown straight over his fat head… ugh.

I’ve got NO sympathy for this goose and gander sort my friend.

You don’t just defile public institutions like that – of course, it helps no doubt that the “commander in chief” is senile and seems not to care or even understand what is going on – unless, as more than a few customers have suggested, and it could be true, it’s a well orchestrated media show.

These nutjobs whine about how “it’s only a small minority doing these things”.

True, but we dont see the vast majority condemning them do we?

It’s the same argument I’ve made so many times about Islamic terrorism and such – the “no goose and gander” ie it’s fine to insult Christianity, but not Islam – the vast so called majority is always silent on the minority they claim gives them a bad name.

And that alone says it all.

Some idiots have gotten back to me claiming theyre neutral on the issue.

I’m sorry my friend, but you can’t be neutral on something like that.

You’re either with “zero respect” or you understand the boundaries, and know what respect means, and actions speak louder than words – period.

And there’s no middle ground there…

And thats why I’ve got no sympathy for this sort.

Look, ain’t nothing wrong with expressing your sexuality in the right forums.

There’s nothing wrong with adults choosing to change gender or what not – so long as its done on a consensual “knowledgeable of all possiblities” basis and so forth, but forcing others to toe your line or else is NOT ON, my friend.

And I for one am glad about the recent backlash that sparked.

People are getting sick and damn tired of the horsesshit, so they should.

And thats that.

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And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The racism nonsense. We’re hardly in the Jim Crow era folks, not even close. ’nuff said?

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