The land of contradictions I grew up in (partially at least) – and old friends, and such …
- And a long ramble!

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This one is going to be a long ramble, my friend – I was thinking of Carol last night, a lot of things in China over the past few years – and I knew there was a reason I was thinking of that when my dream analysis the next morning showed up saying “sharing past experiences and thoughts, moving on to a higher level” and such – and more, but thats the relevant part here.

I was going to talk to one of these old friends about it, but unfortunately he wouldn’t understand where I’m coming from – despite having lived in the US for over 20 years. haha. Such it is with the Indian disapora, they never quite become “American” or whichever country they live in – even after years.

I was reading ads about a restaurant I absolutely LOVE – Cracker Barrel – I LOVE that place – and a thought struck me – some of my “contacts” in the US – Indian origin, born in the US, yet they haven’t gone to or wouldn’t be seen dead in a Cracker Barrel for no other reason than it doesnt feel right.

I’ve never understood it.

If you go to a different country, you embrace THEIR culture, you pick up THEIR Ways – you dont forget yours, no, but you dont just stick to your own community like so many people (including an old boss of mine Jim) do – I mean, whats the point of living in another country then? Might as well return “home”?

Logic, no?

I get yelled at when I bring this up (with those of Indian origin – hehe) or I get “no response”.

The ABCD syndrome, “American born confused desi” … LOL.

No Charles, I’m not the white man in an “Indian body”, its the other way around ie thats how it is for most of these folks.

Maybe I’m just different – well anyway, so I saw an old school friend of mine looking exactly the same as he did years ago, I reached out (remembering what everyone tells me NOW about looking completely different from what I was in school “chubby” some say, some say “weak”, but not “fitness expert” and “super fit” as I keep hearing now).

Then I looked up at our past conversations.

He USED to be the sort – at least two divorces in who would worship the ground women walked on. He probably still is that to an extent.

But at least he’s gotten around to the point of accepting gold digging (a cardinal aspect of Nazi feminism) – and monkey branching (which he has not yet consciously, but he will…)

I remember we had this conversation where I joked about his two divorces being a badge of honor (hey, despite my own shit relationship I dont have even ONE divorce, lol) – and he got pissed off at me, called me all sorts of names etc.

Hey, I get it.

He was truly into the family concept.

But as I’ve been telling folks for ages, much like I’ve been telling people to build their OWN business, own platforms etc, not solely depend upon Amazon etc for revenue … (they just see “easy money” and “stable company” – until it all goes South when they start to whine about lost income etc) … women dont really have any family concept embedded into them – its money, first, foremost and over all – and its CONTROL after that.

Fact, my friend.

And I dont know if my old friend has finally realized this in full though he did realize she was in it only to get US citizenship.

And here I am, being offered that on a platter by Emily at 21, rejecting the offer because it wasn’t the right thing to do.


So, the country I grew up in part in – India. I’ve never truly been able to communicate with people from there – the thinking is just so different man.

People dont show up for work, yet they get paid anyway – and yell when they dont.

“The fucker didnt show up for two weeks, our trash just sat there!”

India for whatever reason is one of those places where the concept of something so simple as a garbage dumpster and taking your own damned trash out has not caught on – Indians are WAY too dependent on servants, maids etc (who aren’t really as cheap in many areas as it’s made out to be).

Washing dishes for women is apparently beneath their dignity there.

And so this guy comes in to take the trash – except he comes “when he likes” and doesnt show up for days regularly if he doesnt want to. Trash just sits around, everyone “accepts” it …

… when it’s time to get paid, he shows up on the dot, most pony up.

God forbid you bring up Goose and Gander, like hey man, you were supposed to show up, you never did …

Same thing with all the maids my wife loves so much – for the most part, they show up when they want, if they want, do a shit job – and yet, money? They expect that bang on time!

The most intriguing and vexing part of this – when you bring this up, folks in India look at you like you’re nuts for expecting “goose and gander”.

They actually enjoy this?

Some of you might claim thats how it is in foreign cultures, I’m here to tell you NO, it’s not.

China, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Russia, any of the countries I’ve been to – US of course, nothing doing.

Sure, the Chinese and Japanese have their own strange ways, but I can sort of understand and “co-exist” those ways though I dont agree with ’em all.

India, my word, I simply cannot wrap my brain around the “thats how it is, fuck off if you dont like it” thinking.

That ain’t the way to grow your own country and … well, you get my drift, facts speak there.

Anyway …

I was going to discuss all this with my one time pal, maybe I still will, I dont know.

But goose and gander is a concept embedded into 0 Excuses Fitness. 

You give first, you give it your ALL.

And results you SHALL get …

And thats that.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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