People that whine about injuries and force others to put up with their BS are PANSIES
- Eww.

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Man, I’ve been reading (after hearing) some tales of a nut job who was big on trolling around here (one of those addicted sorts I wrote about before) … remember fat boy who came on board as an affiliate last year, was unable to make a single sale with his nonsense that he keeps spouting – then started whining about a storm about he wanted a free product to review (which he later then trolled – or tried to, hehe – despite never having opened a single page of any of my books – because I wouldn’t give him anything free, simple) – and then bitching up a storm about everything I did.

It was hilarious.

This fat boy promotes lazy man’s fitness where step ups are superior to squats (not a chance, anyone thats done ’em knows it) – where high rep workouts are “useless” according to him and sitting on your ass and stretching is more beneficial – dont get me wrong, stretching is great, but it never replaces conditioning/strength training – can’t do a single pull-up *chin above bar* to save his life, or a pull-up at all – and so much more I can’t be bothered to re explain it all.

This is an idiot that is almost 40, has never held a job in his life without being fired, speaks like a 16 year old gogglin at her high school crush – and depends on his wife for everything.

Typical trailor park trash loser, and apparently fat boy pushed himself or something, and ended up with one of those injuries that take forever to heal.


I’ve been there as a fat phock myself, and simple things like sprinting – that one pulled tendon – OUCH!

Even my wife could tell I was in severe pain as I drove back home – barely making it.

Then the ankle injury where the SOB swole up to triple it’s size, just TOUCHING it was painful.

Then of course the thumb injury when I was NOT fat – popping in and out – that was so painful I wouldn’t wish it on anyone – yet, I was back to training  the next day.

Part of the reason to me healing up so well – amazingly well, and staying fit as a fiddle, and improving (yes, most people make the excuse “we’re old so we recover slower” – for me it’s the opposite) is my diet, my training, and a lot else, mindset included, but it’s the way I train mostly.

Take no prisoners HARD workouts – day upon day upon day.

No breaks, nothing easy.

And that explains the legions of nutjobs who dont have the gumption to do it, and therefore they piss and moan about Rahul Mookerjee – or the bodyweight exercise Guru a I’m called.

Easier to blame than to do, easier to whine than take a look in the mirror (that last one to fat boys everywhere – and girls). (and in betweens).


Point being this, this fat boy apparently called up Mama (at the age of almost 40) and then his wife (who takes care of him financially anyway – ugh) … and gave them hell with his injury for weeks.

Then he later wrote back (I haven’t seen it) about “how sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry he was to put them through it”.

Bullshit, my friend.

You mooched off them as usual, took what was free.

Forced them via your whining …

And then its easy to write about it now that you’re so called healed.

This sort of thing is liberal times x 10.

And it’s damned pathetic.

Be a fucking man, OWN up – take some responsibility – and take care of yourself.

My wife once fell from her scooter – and twisted her ankle so horribly that even she did not want to look at it.

She was literally hopping around on one leg.

This was in a house with both my parents, me and the daughter.

Not once did she ask for any help.

She hopped around the house- even cooked meals etc when she could have not.

Thats called taking personal responsibility.

And any so called man who does the reverse is pathetic, and a pansy bar none.

(translation – most liberals).

And thats that, friend.

Exercise  wise, remember, the 0 Excuses Fitness system truly does reverse the process of ageing, you’ll look younger, feel younger, recover quicker as you so called “age”.

And thats that, folks.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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