What a lot of Bozos, rep falsifiers, and other lot have in common ..
- One of the things that is.

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There are many things, of course, this lot has in common my friend.

But I’m going to talk about only one of them – or two, perhaps.

Looks first – and look, how you look ie your body type your shape etc – your SIZE – none of that really decides what you can do in terms of strength and flexibility i.e. some people that look FAT (and are fat) are amazingly flexible – some that are skinny are amazingly strong – and so forth.

But the cardinal rule remains.

Brooks Kubik in Dinosaur Bodyweight Training said it the best, “if you’re fat with a huge gut hanging over your midsection, then I’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone, but you’re simply not going to look like an athlete”.

Lets face it – hordes of fat boys with tummies that hangeth over coming up to me saying “they swim more daily than Michael Phelps did while training” wont convince me me they do it – or if they put in the time, they’re doing it all WRONG overall.

Because well, looks.

Fat boys that claim (with bellies, man boobs and the rest that hangeth over) they can do sprints etc – well, you’re flat out lying friend. That exercise for one lends itself to a lean and muscular structure, now I’m not necessarily talking six packs etc, but a lean, mean and corrugated frame overall, if you dont have that, you’re simply not doing those regularly as you claim are you.

Same things for Bozos that can’t do a single pull-up right to save their lives for instance, whining about how 500 squats is “boring” and how they can easily do 500 pushups and it doesnt bring any benefits and so forth.

The vibe is clear – they’re LYING.

Second, you know what they’re doing?

You know the feeling you have on the days you’re not feeling like working out.

Oh, lets just do 10.

Then you think something is better than nothing, which it is if you’re doing it in propper form – but thing is, a lot of people then think “well, if I’ve done 10, I could do a 100 more”.

“I need something interestinggggggggggggggg” they whine.

trouble is, friend, discipline and dedication are the hard grind, what brings real results that last that everyone can see and pick up on isnt necessarily always interesting, though you can make it that.

These rep falsifiers do maybe 40 squats, and post about doing 400.


When I say 400, I do 400 … period. I was planning on 500 that day actually!

This brings me to the point.

I learn something from EACH workout.

And those that claim there’s no need to keep doing high reps “because it’s all the same” aren’t doing a single one of those reps correctly.

No, they’re not all the same.

years after doing these exercises –  man, I’m STILL learning new things with every damn workout.

And anyone that says otherwise is a complete idiot – and he will LOOK the part too.

And that my friend is that – simply because you “think you can do it” doesnt mean you can do it, and when you actually do it right – you will know what I mean.

All for now!

Remember to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness system with plenty such home truths that YOU need to hear, my friend.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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