My lovely “bulging belly” SO’s definition of super fitness and why arguing with an idiotic Nazi feminist is akin to banging your head against the bloody wall.
- Ugh !

I did it today – the latter, but the arguments were so outrageous it didnt even result in me getting angry – it resulted in me laughing – and saying “yeah. no matter what you say, you’re right”.

That, along with thought transmutation which is a skill that along with manifestation I’ve perfected to a fine art – is key to do.

I can transmute my thoughts so effectively.

Could be sales popping up on my desktop, or missing Glyn Bozo or other trolls, and pat – there they are. Hehe – like clockwork.

Over the last month or so, I’ve been thinking about the sexy maid my wife fired – for no other reason that she “did a great job for me, but not for her”.

Which is utter tosh, as a month before she fired her, she was the one DEFENDING her – everything she did was golden.

The moment she uttered a word to me, something she always wanted to do too i.e. flirt with me such as so many other women do – she was fired.

How dare Rahul!

I didnt much care. Not like this alpha male has much of a problem attracting women. On auto pilot at that – hehe.

Proofs in the pudding.

And results speak, and the wife was pissed ever since.

This fat heffa of a woman she’s hired now – she won’t even bend her back to pick up stray hairs etc while cleaning, yet, she’s God’s fucking gift on earth – why?

Because shes a fat heffa, I call her out for being the same.

The other lady was more than 10 years her senior, yet, hard work all her life kept her fit and trim – and she agreed with sitting in the Rahul Mookerjee “patented squat” that kept her fit beyond her years. Hehe.

This afternoon, my wife’s most outrageous “so called argument” as yet was this “you’re singing songs and calling her Goddess”.

I couldn’t even figure out what she was talking about.

Me ?


Calling women goddesses? Maybe in my mind yes, but I’ve been thinking of anything but that as of late, and then I got it.

It was a song from the Hindi Movie I watched after a massive fight with my father at the age of 14 – about the same age I took that movie star’s picture to the barber’s to get a “haircut” like him.

That guy – real man!

MArtial artist, 5th degree Dan Black Belt – it’s no wonder yours truly gets called a movie star too. HEhe. That subconsious mind did it.

Along with transmuting my thoughts on the other maid, who the wife egregiously claims “I was singing odes to her”.

Just because her name matches the name of the Goddess in the movie.  (the song being sung – by a real man – which yours truly always loved, one of the few childhood memories I have that are GOOD..) (I also, if you can believe it, got blamed for mistakes my mother made by the wife – so bloody typical. lol. Women!)

What utter perfect logic.

Of course, thats a woman scorned for you.

And thats a woman that knows she’s fat, unfit and lazy.

And therefore … l never say it, but she knows it.

I DO say it about the other woman she hired tho – only when asked.

This maid is the equivalent of Big Bertha in jail. Literally.

Of course, what would I know about fitness. Hehe. I told my wife that, and then the most laughable comment came.

“She’s popped out four kids – how  many did you pop out!?”

And that was my wife saying she’s fit – with that massive stomach bulging out, and legs that look like they belong on a fucking elephant without the strength behind them (unless its stomping grounds we’re talking – hehe).

A heffa that shows up when she feels like, takes holidays when she feels like, never shows up on time – a cunt that as opposed to the last woman is the true paradigm and definition of “no goose and gander liberal Nazi feminist” (emphasis on LIBERAL!!!!) …

Of course, what would I know about fitness, eh. Hehe.

What I do know is I’m going to take this to the next level using some of the indirect techniques along with … well, I’m not going to mention it, but stuff that drives women crazy, except there ain’t a goddamned thing they can do about it.

Not one goddamn thing.


And you, my friend, if you’re  a real man and sick of entitlement mentality, bratty entitled women – and Nazi feminists which are popping up everywhere, you owe it to yourself to get this book – NOW!

And thats that, friend – back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – next time someone asks you a definition of fitness, respond with “how many kids did you pop out”. See the reaction.

Ah, but those brick walls beckon – ….

Seriously – is there any fuckin limit to idiocy? No limits ,bar none!!!

PS #2 – A lady for whatever reason recently asked me if I get pedicures and stuff.  “Exchange feet” with me was her comment, and though she meant it in an erotic manner – more on that later on the other site, hehe – “your feet are much nicer than mine!”

“do you use lotion on them”?


Dont even get me started – a guy that doesnt go to salons, is vehemently against the metrosexual BS out there, can count the number of times I’ve used lotion on any part of my body except – ahem – if a girl’s used it “there” – … HA!

Seems my fitness routines do a fine job of skin care too. lol.

She’s a great girl, I love her. Plenty of goose and gander there.

But I wonder, the next time I’m asked about fitness, should I respond with “you want me to pop out kids too”?

Hey, with the LGBTQ lunacy my wife’s bought into it, maybe I should.

LOL again.

Back to sanity – stay away from these fools, my friend. I always do, I had no option but to talk to the wife today so I did.

And get the best damn fitness system in the world today. It’ll have HEADS turning – both of them, lol – in more ways than one – Glyn Bozo NOT INCLUDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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