Squats, pull-ups, JCVD splits, and a lot else stretching people do NOT focus on.

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I just got done with a blazing great workout – squats, pull-ups, JCVD splits (named after him since he’s the one that made ’em famous, and probably does ’em BEST) – and the Rahul Mookerjee patented squat (named after Rahul Mookerjee since he DOES do it the best, hehe) – and a bit more which I would have done continued for hours, so good did it all make me feel, except lunch is ready … (and it ain’t prison fare either today. Hehe).

Now I’ve written about squats and pull-ups before.

So I tried to find that email to send you again.

I couldn’t find it – you likely will if you search.

But to save time, I thought I’d write to you again, and this , my friend, is one of the most powerful and quick combos assuming you do pull-ups and squats right i.e. ass to grass, and no, if you dont get your chin over the bar in a PRONATED grip – dead hang, full extension, you aint doing pull-ups, you’re cheating and are a FAKE …. will truly blast the upper and entire body like few others do – why, well, it’s self explanatory, hits the large muscles of the body – back, legs, core – hits the cardio system hard provided you do ’em in proper tempo and dont dwadle and BREATHE right ie a breath after each rep (with each rep) inhale and exhale, and so forth.

Focus on the muscles, contractions, form, so forth.

You know what the real icing on the cake today was?


JCVD splits right after the workout – my!

And the REAL key is this – most people focus on bridging and lower back stretching in the arched “backwards” direction when stretching.

This is great, but this also commits one cardinal sin – it neglects the hamstrings.

Most leg stretches you see folks do are thigh and lower back – backwards.

This is great. Weak area for many people, but it’s criminal to ignore hamstrings, which are actually responsible for most of the real power behind your kicks and such – and the hip flexors and so forth.

And FORWARD stretching taxes the lower back in this position the best, as well as the hamstrings.

Stretching any part of the body feels great, including calves which are ignored by most too (mistake – you’ll cramp if you do this often – used to happen to me a lot).

But there is nothing that compares to stretching the HAMSTRINGS out right my friend, nothing at all, nothing compares to the sheer FEELING – and the benefits throughout your body and core that you get from these.

My great courses linked above (on isometrics) show you the way, my friend.

YOu’ll be doing yourself a favor to stop whining (if you are) and grab ’em NOW.

And thats that!


Rahul Mookerjee

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